How to Get Rid of Duplicate Contacts in iPhone?

iPhone is quite popular device and it has strong security and management features as well. Just like this device will always offer you choices in appearance thru iPhone 6s cases for girls and boys, you will always get choices in features as well.

iPhone 6S

When you go to the market to purchase phone covers for iPhone 6, then you will probably give your preference to something that is unique. But, what if you have too many choices and most of them are similar and some of them are same in appearance?

Having such confusion of choice when you are shopping for iPhone 6 cases wallet can ruin your shopping experience. Same goes with the contacts. Having duplicate contacts in your contact book can be really very problematic.

While iCloud makes it really very easy to do sorting and management of our contacts, once in a while thing can turn out badly. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t utilize iCloud, contact management is a long way from perfect.

A standout amongst the most widely recognized issues that individuals encounter is duplicate contacts. You can clearly go through one by one and then delete duplicate contacts, but if there are too many contacts to delete then this is not a reasonable choice.

Fortunately, there are some App Store applications that assistance you tidy up duplicate contacts in just a couple of moments. Or, you can simply try using the most popular app of iPhone and iPad (Smart Merge) and try to get rid of duplicate contacts from your contact book.

Instructions to erase duplicate contacts with iPhone and iPad with Smart Merge

  • Download Smart Merge application from the App Store — Free of cost
  • Launch Smart Merge application and login
  • Shrewd Merge will begin filtering and scanning your contacts once you have granted access.
  • Tap on Show Duplicates contacts.
  • Tap on Duplicate Contacts to expend them.
  • Tap on the Info button to audit changes.
  • If you find a contact that you would prefer not to be combined or erased as a duplicate, tap on it to deselect it.
  • When every single of the contacts that are duplicate or should be merged are selected, tap on the Merge button.

Click Here to Download Smart Merge App

When you import contacts to your iPhone (or iCloud or iPad) in substantial quantity, there’s dependably the chance that you’ll wind up with duplicate contacts. Moreover, everybody knows that it is so awful to deal with duplicate contacts, find them and delete/merge them.

There are many iPhone applications that guarantee to remove and merge duplicate contacts on your iPhone. Around 90% of them work kind of “OK” and a large portion of them requires you to buy (or update through an IAP) to merge /remove copies. However, here are some applications that work best.

1. Clean Doctor: Clean Doctor is a great application. It is much more than a basic contact cleaner or contact manager for your iPhone. You can utilize this application to keep your smart phone from being cluttered with junk documents. It is just like using the best protective case for iPhone 6s for outside protection.

This application immediately identifies duplicate contacts, pictures and enables you to delete them right away in one click. It can likewise give you a chance to streamline the storage capacity of your iOS device. The system data display let you know precise device condition.

Price of App: Free

2. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts: “Cleanup Duplicate Contacts” takes the necessary steps of erasing unnecessary contacts with exceptionally quick speed. It’s precisely something that you would need to keep your address book organized and well-managed.

Just like you buy cases for iPhone 6s for outer protection, this application will protect the contacts of your device. You can pick the merge level to find comparable contacts; this application removes them quickly. This application enables you to manage more than one contact sources, for example, iCloud, Gmail.

Since it creates and keeps a backup of your address book, you will have the capacity to recover any deleted contact without any problem.

Price of App: Free

3. Full Contact Address Book: “FullContact Address Book” is the best contact management application for your iPhone. Apart from the fact that it gives you a chance to combine all the duplicate contacts, it enables you to keep your address book well-managed and well-organized.

You can add notes to your contacts to remember important things. FullContact enables you to include photographs, company data and social profiles to any contact consequently so that you have the detailed information regarding a specific individual.

Price of App: Free

4. SmartMerge: SmartMerge’s interface and user friendliness are unmatched. It is very quick as well. Combined with an ultra-straightforward interface, what you get is a quick approach to delete duplicate contacts and merge the ones that you have to keep.

You can easily and quickly find and merge every duplicate contact. If you would prefer not to dispose of the contacts for good, you have the choice to back them up. To effortlessly get to your backup from anyplace, you can export this data to Google Drive, Dropbox or email.

Price of App: Free

These applications can be highly assistive in order to get the best contact management without doing too much effort in this task. Also, this will keep your contact safe just like best iPhone 6s cases would protect your smart phone from possible damage risks.

Using cloud storage is the best way to save your contacts in iPhone 6 lowest cost. You can find basic storage without any investment requirement and that is more than sufficient to keep your contact safe and secure so that you can use them as a backup whenever needed.

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