Social Media Tips For Better Online Presence

The previous year has proven to be a highly fruitful year in terms of growth for the domain of social media. With more than 500 million tweets that were posted on a daily basis, 350 million pictures uploaded on Facebook each month and 35 million ‘selfies’ uploaded on Instagram, it has been a prosperous 2013 for social media and this trend will continue to grow even in 2014.

Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

With the onset of the new year, it is time to reconsider your social media strategy to boost your presence and impact on the public domain.

Create a Personal Brand and Invest In It

Social media is undeniably one of the most significant tools of recent times that help in establishing a personal and professional brand and its image on the internet. It is wiser to get a crystal clear perspective of how you would like to target your target audience. You must understand the dynamics of social media and how it all works –

About 97 per cent of all employers make use of LinkedIn as part of their hiring efforts and certain organizations have even started making use of data available on the internet to gauge your credit worthiness. To seem authentic and to connect with the digital community on a personal basis, it is better for you to have your personal voice as the foundation of your brand.

Start Sharing Content

All top influencers and strategists in the realm of social media marketing have a common trait – they curate rather than create and then share the content. A compelling content strategy will help you build credibility, increase awareness, increase traffic on your site and help with SEO practices. You can strike a healthy balance through a combination of curated content along with some original content written by in-house content writers.

Take Your Brand’s Social Presence To a New Level

Twitter is among the best platforms for having real-time conversations. From government shutdowns to royal births, the previous year has brought several moments of ups and downs that created a stir on Twitter. The social networking website is said to have set a new record for its tweets-per-second with around 143,199 tweets being sent every second by members and content creators. With such high magnitude of tweets, shares and interactions on social domain, it is important for you to stand out and make yourself heard. How certain influencers will make a difference depends on how engaged your followers are.

Showcase Your Power Offline

Once you have created a strategy for the online brand, it is the best time to begin thinking about how to demonstrate your proficiency and impact. One of the most significant skills that you will need to hone is that of public speaking and communication as this alone can take your offline influence on to the next level. Whether it is a client meeting or addressing a conference that can help build your brand image, powerful communication skills will help you achieve success.

Most people have a notion that social media is one of the best places to show your expertise in your sector but they are not very certain as to how to approach the matter and maximize from it. The above tips will help you get a clear perspective of the domain and boost your online presence.

Resource Box: Devika Arora is an avid writer who compiles significant facts and analyzes the current state of affairs related to careers and opportunities in the realm of internet marketing. The above article discusses presents useful tips to optimize social media and benefit from it.

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