What Type Of Hosting Is The Best: Shared, VPS, Dedicated Server Or Reseller?


Are you ready to publish web content and product offerings on the Internet but you don’t know about the hosting companies’ services? This article will help you get an idea about the 4 main types of hosting: shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated server hosting and reseller hosting.



1) Shared Hosting

Shared hosting packages are the most affordable option, because your site will sit on a server where there are several sites. Thus, you have total control over your hosting account via a control panel (cPanel), while the hardware is managed by the web hosting company.

Shared hosting server can have multiple hard drives and hardware configurations that offer a high level of performance. However, there are several factors that can affect the functioning of the sites that are hosted on a single server, ie: the number of accounts on the server, the number of pages in the site, the type and size of files that come composed of each site and the number of visitors and download traffic.

Some providers that offer shared hosting packages promise storage space and unlimited bandwidth, a very attractive offer for a website owner. However, there may be many hosting accounts with seemingly unlimited resources on a single server, which would significantly affect the speed of your site when other sites are intensively using server resources.

It is best to start with a very cheap hosting plan and upgrade to a higher plan when traffic on your website grows to the point where there is beyond the resources allocated or starts loading very slowly. Keep in mind that a website loading speed affects the ranking of search engines and has a major impact on navigation experience of visitors.

On the other hand, if you already have a high traffic site and require more resources for processing applications, it is advisable to opt for a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated server.

2) Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting)

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are also known as virtual dedicated servers (VDS). VPS hosting plans gives you more control than shared hosting plans, even if the host server is shared with other users. You can make changes to virtual hardware configurations, and you have full control over the server issues such as operating system (which is independent for each user).

Similar to a dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting plan can be managed or unmanaged. The hosting provider can offer some managed services such as backup and software upgrade, for an additional fee, if you opted for unmanaged plan.

The advantages of a VPS hosting plan are:

  • Scalability: The available resources can be increased or decreased as needed.
  • Redundancy: A VPS is always hosted in a cluster or a cloud environment.
  • Flexibility: As an administrator, you have full control over the server.
  • Accessibility: A VPS provides ideal environments for development and testing.

3) Hosting on Dedicated Server

Conversely to shared hosting packages, dedicated server allows you to have much more control over the resources of a server. Also here we have managed or unmanaged plans, to help to keep the server in good condition.

You have a choice of several packages based on configurable hardware, such as the amount of hard drive space, the types of hard disk drives (traditional units or SSD), RAID and RAM configurations.

Choosing between a managed and unmanaged dedicated server will depend largely on your ability to maintain the hardware, or giving access to an employee who can supervise it. A managed dedicated server can be more expensive, but more profitable on long-term when problems occur beyond your technical capabilities.

The main advantage of a dedicated server is that your website doesn’t share resources with other websites. Thus, you will take full advantage of all the power of the server, which means that you get the best performance, security and stability.



4) Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting packages are designed for those individuals or businesses who want to offer web hosting services to their customers, but not have the resources to purchase hardware and to rent or buy space in a data-center. Many hosting providers allow you to provide their services to the public through your company. There are also reseller hosting packages called “white label” that will allow you to completely re-brand hosting services offering prices set by you, together with additional costs that you can charge for maintenance and support costs.

Reseller hosting packages advantage is the ease with which you can provide a revenue stream without excessive capital expenditure. Reseller hosting packages are configurable and scalable, so you can adjust resource use and costs, depending on how much you sell.

Alternatively, you can opt for “affiliate programs” that are offered by some hosting providers. Affiliate programs allow you to earn commissions that are made when a customer visits the hosting company’s website by accessing a URL posted on your site. This will allow you to make offers and/or recommendations of hosting packages without having to offer the reseller hosting services.

In conclusion, which is the best hosting option?

If you need a quick and easy solution, opt for a shared hosting plan. However, note that you can quickly exceed the resources of a plan that cost 1 euro per month, and you will wake up as your site is loading slowly or give errors. Allow yourself time to evaluate your present and future needs, according to the plans offered by the hosting provider. Consider the potential for growth and migration costs of your site on a new server, be it from the same hosting company or the other.

I always recommend you to consider few factors before purchasing hosting from any web hosting company. Those factors are : Price, Support, Reliability and Security. You can go through this article: http://webhostinggenius.net/things-needed-considered-selecting-web-host/

They have explained each and every factor in a detailed manner. I hope, this resource will surely helps you in choosing the best web host for your site.

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