Best App Builders

10 Best App Builders in 2016

The world of apps is growing in popularity. Day after day, advancements are being made in the field of smartphones and this growing trend does not seem to be displaying any sign of stopping any time soon.

Making apps has, for this reason, become a whole lot easier, owing to the fact that people have decided to come up with user-friendly app builders, so that this growth in numbers is further spurred on. There are many solutions out there that are more than affordable and allow you to create neat-looking apps without engaging in unnecessary coding skills improvement.

Best App Builders

Here, we have come up with a list of 10 best app builders in 2016.

1# BuildFire

You can create professional-looking apps within minutes with this neat app builder without having any tech skills whatsoever. Sign up for the account and you can build your first app within 5 minutes upon verifying your membership. Here’s how it goes: for starters, you choose and customize the app’s look and general feel and then use widgets to add content.


When it comes to market business, this is one of the best in the given field. Specialising in marketing, this builder helps you create apps for businesses, bands, celebrities and various other client types.

3# AppMakr

Although this app is focused on building robust HTML5 Web apps and native apps for iOS, as well as Android, it requires no coding experience whatsoever. You can build as many apps as you want with unlimited free updates.

4# Appy Pie

This one is quite a cosmopolitan, seeing as how it supports iOs, Android, BlackBerry as well as Windows operating systems on smartphones. Push notifications, social media and blog integration are supported, as well as photo galleries. Various sharing capabilities it owns makes it one of best drag-and-drop app makers on the market

5# Como DIY

Founded in Israel, back in 2010, this company claims that more than 1 million of apps around the globe owe their existence to their app builder. Mostly used by various restaurants, bands and event organizations. Their pricing structure goes as follows: $57 for a monthly, $48 for a yearly and $41 for a bi-yearly membership. With a well-conceived editor and a huge feature range, you won’t make a mistake by using Como DIY.

6# TheAppBuilder

Well, this app builder sure was lucky to claim the name first. None the less, this one offers two different approaches at app building: you can use the online toolkit to build apps and either TheAppBuilder itself, or the training provided to define and build the structure of the app.

You can protect your apps, regardless of whether they’re public or private, using usernames and passwords before distributing them via the app store. The fact that updates are unlimited means that you can go live and update your structure in a matter of minutes.

7# Bizness Apps

Restaurants, sports, real estate, legal services, non-profit organizations, even bands and religious organizations can benefit from this neat app builder. A wide variety of customizable templates and features such as push notifications, content sharing, GPS, mobile shopping cart, social media and even mobile reservations are available.

8# EachScape

Yet another drag-and-drop app, that allows you to create professional-looking apps for iOS, Android and HTML5, EachScape. It doesn’t rely on templates, but rather on customizable native and HTML5 apps.

It features location-based services, push notifications, live streaming and integration with various social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more. Advanced app management tools, as well as images, audio and video files and texts can easily be stored.

9# Good Barber

If you own an iPhone or Android-based device, you can use this app builder to take care of every and any detail of your app, without actually “speaking” code. Good Barber offers nine highly-customizable templates that can easily get you started and 350 icons and more than 600 cool Google Fonts.

Additionally, a free web mobile version is available, which you can easily access through your pocket device. Each time you adjust parameters within your app, you get instant visual feedback. Naturally, push notifications go without saying.

10# Mobile Roadie

This app builder lets you create robust apps with advanced features, like geotargeted push notifications for individualized messages, location maps, activity points within apps, rewards, various mobile marketing tools, news updates, even chat capabilities.

Advanced analytics tools are available, that reveal vital customer data, such as what users are currently viewing, sharing and buying within the app.

Nowadays, building apps requires no programming skills. However, while this might be a fact, at least some knowledge in basic image editing is required, if you’re looking to be published in one of the App Stores out there.

This being said, we, as a society, are well on our way towards dwindling the need of owning skills in programming, at least when it comes to making apps.