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10 Impressive Video Types for Your Brand Promotion

As a digital marketing agency, the biggest challenge is to entice our audience to engage with our content. As a part of Brand Promotion, we have to consistently tell our brand stories that are engaging, inspiring, and informative at the same time.

Brand Promotion

To meet this goal effectively, the greatest approach one can opt for is creating videos that are

  • Educating our audience and solving their problems
  • Relatable with their situations
  • Delighting and fun-to-watch

Videos have maintained their position as one of the most effective strategies for advertising your brand promotion or service.

From explainer video production and corporate videos to product demo videos, brands can leverage a variety of video types to gain augmented results through video marketing.

But with all those different types of videos circling your head, which the right type of video that you need to create for maximum results?

Well, in this article, we’ll discuss ten types of videos that you can create for promoting your brand effectively. But before we head into that, let’s discuss why you need to leverage video marketing for your brand promotion.

Let’s head into this.

Why Choose Video Marketing for Brand Promotion

First thing’s first, video marketing can make your brand stand out among the competition. Moreover, People love watching videos as they can get across messages in less time than any other means of information.

Video Marketing

As for the marketers, videos can hook their audience’s attention longer than any other means of advertisement. Here are some amazing stats about video marketing. Let’s take a look at them!

Some Amazing Stats About Video Marketing

  • By the end of this year, an average person would spend 100 minutes watch videos online.
  • Nearly 95% of marketers believe that videos have brought new customers to their business.
  • According to Statista, each month, 85% of the users on the internet in the USA watch videos.
  • Nearly 65% of the business claim that videos bring the highest ROI (Return on Investment) on social media platforms.
  • According to Forbes, more than 82% of the total consumer traffic on the internet would come from videos by 2022.

Now that you know how beneficial videos are for promoting a brand, product, or service, let’s discuss ten types of videos that you need to use for your branding.

10 Types of Videos You Can Use to Promote Your Brand

That’s why we have gathered a list of the essential types of videos for you which you can use for your brand promotion which may help you to convert leads, and grow your business.

Let’s go through them one by one!

#1. The Spot

The Spot is a classical type of advertisement video with a length of 15 seconds. You can use this type of video depending upon the type of story you want to tell and your niche.

However, the most significant advantage of the Spot is that you potentially use it anywhere, for example, in TV commercials, before a YouTube video starts or before a movie begins. One thing to remember here is that if you want to make such a video successful, you’d need to keep your story or message concise and to the point.

When it comes to digital marketing, these videos are mostly used in Instagram or Facebook stories to showcase a limited time offer or promotion.

#2. Explainer Videos

Perhaps the most popular type of video when it comes to advertisement is Explainer videos. These videos are leverage widely to abbreviate long and complex subjects into an engaging and fun-to-watch story. Note that these videos typically feature aminations with a voiceover running alongside.

Technically, there’s a lot that goes into an explainer video production, and if they’re made with the right creativity, they can do wonders for your marketing campaign and the business.

#3. Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos are promotional videos that showcase the live demonstration of your product or service for the audience. The video mainly consists of a character who passionately talks about the product while demonstrating it.

The biggest advantage of leveraging these videos is that they develop a relationship of trust between the brand and the audience – which is an essential factor in conversions.

#4. Company Culture Videos

You can quickly guess this one with the name. Company culture videos are the type of videos that do not specifically promote a product or a service but a whole brand. Typically, they’re meant to meet two crucial factors.

First, they highlight your core ethics and vision of the brand. Secondly, these videos are great at attracting new talent. This is because sometimes, promotional videos are meant to attract consumers and potential employees to expand your business.

#5. Animated Infographic Videos

Animated infographic videos are a type of video that visually appeals and engages the representation of statistical data such as facts and figures. The quality of animated infographics is that they can convey cluttered and concrete information effortlessly by leveraging motion and animation.

These videos are great at breathing life into complex subjects with boring information and turn them into memorable experiences in simpler words. Leverage these videos if you want to build a story around your statistical data.

#6. Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are a kind of video that is often confused with promotional content. However, that’s not the only purpose it serves. In simple words, we can refer to corporate videos as a type of video made by businesses to meet both promotional and informational purposes.

From the promotional videos of products and services to informative videos like employee training, corporate videos could be anything.

#7. Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonials are promotional videos that help you attract new clients by showcasing your previous and existing clients’ experience with your services and brand. These videos typically consist of your previous clients talking about your brands and products.

In simple words, when you leverage testimonial videos for brand promotion, you’re previous clients act as a free referral for your brand.

#8. Behind-The-Scenes Videos

You can quickly tell this one with the name. Behind-the-scenes videos are used to showcase the process behind the manufacturing, production, or distribution of your product or service. If your product has an interesting or informative process behind its development, you should create such a video as it is highly engaging.

#9. Employee Portrait Videos

These are the type of videos that you can opt for creating instead of writing long text blocks about your company’s leaders. Why do we say so? Because that’s how people engage with your brand on the most human level.

The entire idea behind these videos is to express how employees of a company are devoted to their consumers and not just making money. Use these videos to showcase your talent.

#10. Interviews/Q&A

Interviews or Q&A videos are great for building brand authority. How? First, your audience would be able to answer all their queries and problems straight from the members. Secondly, when People get information straight from the company leaders or brand managers, they’re more likely to trust them – Which is essential to convert them.


We have provided ten types of videos that you need to use for your brand promotion. Leverage these in your campaign to achieve maximum results. As we know that every video type and format has its own advantages so you can choose a video type that works best for a campaign and an audience segment.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>The video format will depend on your campaign budget and overall business goals. Most video formats can be developed cost-effectively. What type of video is your favorite for brand promotion, or has worked for you in the past? Leave a note in the comments!