Six Steps to Get Viral

How to Increase Organic Traffic with Viral Content

Creating content that ventures virally is not a simple task; it relies on a large number of people having a related passionate reaction to your content. In case you are a content marketer or a blogger, then perhaps you have been looking for this information. Get ready to figure out how to produce the right — Read More —

Mobile View

An extensive guide on designing a Mobile Responsive website

The ever-evolving era of smartphones and smart tablets has lead to a rapid growth in the number of website owners who’re looking forward to make their sites mobile responsive. Well, when a website is responsive, it basically has a layout and/or content that adapts well to the size and resolution of the screen that is — Read More —

WordPress Hacks and Security

Infographic: WordPress Hacks and Security

All websites are prone to be hacked, 83% of these hacks are considered avoidable, which leads to major problems and with WordPress being one of the world’s most popular CMS sites there is bound to be a large number of attacks. Since its rise in popularity they’re has been over 200,000 WordPress websites attacked. There’s — Read More —