Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Are You Making These 6 Deadly Mistakes?

Why use email marketing? Because it is one of the best ways you can generate hype of your business and attract your leads. If implemented effectively, email marketing can help your business increase reach to its target market. Nonetheless, a majority of businesses make serious blunders when it comes to email marketing. By serious blunders, — Read More —

Advancing IoT

Security Issues in the Advancing IoT

From the moment Kevin Ashton coined Internet of Things term, and started talking about advanced connectivity and machine to machine communication, peoples’ reactions went from idealized picture of smart cities to apocalyptic scenes from Terminator 2: Judgment Day movie. Truth is that people still don’t realize the real dangers that are lurking behind Internet of — Read More —

Labeley Image

Labeley 2: Nifty Free Tool for Creating Custom Labels

Which has more weight, words or images? It’s an old “riddle”, impossible to solve. You’ll hear powerful, convincing arguments on both sides. But if we take a look at many popular social platforms and forms of communication today, such as Instagram, Facebook, blogs, message exchange services (where those messages are often selfies, funny images, etc.) — Read More —