The Million-Dollar Question of eCommerce: How to Get Repeat Business?

Repeat purchases are the holy grail of eCommerce. They are an element that makes or breaks any digital storefront, one that keeps operations afloat and allows businesses to thrive. Well, the first thing is to take a step back and think beyond the money-grabbing schemes. Customers are not dollar signs and they do not like [Read More]

Time Management

8 Time Management Strategies for Fellow Bloggers

Is your life measured by the number of blog posts you complete or the hours you put into them? Do you always find yourself busy and have an almost non-existing social life? Often, you find yourself wondering how much work you’d get done if there were two of you. If any of the above-mentioned sentences [Read More]

Email Marketing

Infographic: The Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide

Effective email marketing statistics can truly improve your business if you know how to read them. More than half of companies generate 10% of sales just from sending emails. It is interesting to learn that US consumers interact with more brands through email than they do via Facebook or Twitter. The daily flow of emails [Read More]


7 Pros and Cons of WordPress for Blogging!

Having a blog at WordPress or any other blogging platform is really easy to start. In this article, readers will come to know the pros and cons of having a blog at WordPress. This article will allow the bloggers to decide whether or not they should choose WordPress for blogging. The cite reasons that make [Read More]