Lock your Android

How to Get Your Android Device Protected from Spyware?

Smartphones are ubiquitous no matter wherever you go, whoever you meet! Smartphones are not only used to stay in touch with your family and friends but also used to keep you updated and entertained. With the advancement of technology, smartphones are more prone to malware and spyware. It’s high time, users took security seriously as…… Read More »

iOS 11

8 Really Unknown Features of iOS 11 Entering in your iPhone

We all have our eyes and ears open when we come across the Apple introducing new versions coming up.  The New iPhone iOS 11 has been launched, the most awaited Apple phone that rules the hearts of many. The heart throbbing Apple handset is designed with many advanced and innovative features that is one-of-a-kind. This…… Read More »


Top 5 Strategies and Concepts for Earning Online Through Blogging

Google panda update which stresses on content uniqueness and creativity has made every type of organization to work accordingly. For countering this hurdle content writers and bloggers are now taken into consideration. This has created a great impact of earning for them. Various websites are running for taking it into count. Currently large number of…… Read More »


Microlearning: Why It Isn’t a ‘Trend’ Anymore?

Some call it an informal, self-directed learning experience. Others deem it a structured, though sequenced learning strategy designed to meet an educational goal. It’s not only the concept of microlearning that spurs confusion, however; more frequently, people are having problems determining whether or not microlearning has the potential of improving modern education for good. If…… Read More »