Asset Tracking

GPS Technology Shaping the Future of Asset Tracking

Global Positioning System or GPS as it is simply known has had a significant impact not only on the transportation industry but also on the way how numerous companies do business. The GPS satellite system was initially used in military projects to help guide missiles accurately and pinpointing various locations with absolute certainty. Today, this — Read More —


Do employees have a workplace identity

Work environments today have turned out to be extremely fast-paced and subsequently, it is more crucial than ever before for an employee to actively work on one’s own natural talent and be well-educated about workplace dynamics. Identity means by which we see ourselves, awareness of one’s strength and limitation requires a keen observation of self. — Read More —

Facebook Ad
Social Media

4 Steps for Launching Unstoppable Facebook Ads

If you want to increase sales, customer engagement, and attract new consumers to your brand, Facebook advertising is necessary. Considering Facebook is the most popular social media network – 79% of Americans use it each week – it should be easy to create a profitable ad campaign that reaches a wide audience and attracts more — Read More —

Mobile Apps

How Mobile Apps Can Help You Market Your Brand

Every business today is constantly looking for new ways to outrun their competition and peak their customers’ interest. That’s why there are so many new, innovative and creative marketing campaigns being launched each day. However, there is always one tough question businesses must answer and that is which marketing strategy will yield the best results? — Read More —