4 Web Design Trends that are going to Dominate the Market in 2017

Are you an entrepreneur who is looking for making the online presence of his or her brand more impactful so that your potential consumers find you to be a credible service? Or are you a web designer who is looking for ways to design a highly functional and impressive website? Whichever case it might be; you need to know about the top trends of web design that are going to dominate the market in 2017.


There are often many trends and practices that come in the picture every year but soon they go away because they fail to render value. But often some trends come to the prominence and stays because of their never-fading effectiveness. So, here, for all entrepreneurs, big or small, and for all designers I am going to talk about a few trends that will not only rule the market this year but will influence in the coming years too. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Card Design and Grid Layout

Do you know why the social media site of pictures; Pinterest is so popular? I personally feel it is their card design layouts that leave quite an impactful mark in the users’ minds. So, taking inspiration from such instances, the web designers are coming up with such designs for the website. As we all know, simplicity speaks volume, this card design roots on the simple, organized, flexible and more responsive pattern. If your website has many things to talk about, the grid layout will be perfectly suitable for delivering all that information in abundance. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect style to give your website an out-of-the-box appeal, better than the showcasing web pages. And, since the popularity of content based websites is increasing radically, your design might be able to appeal to your potential consumers when the designs of your competitors fail to do so.

Bigger and Bolder Type

Since the market is already dominated by simple layouts, it is obvious that the decorative and complex typography will take the backseat too. The aim of the latest and updated websites is to reach the user immediately and compel them to perform the action. Bigger and bolder typography makes it easier to create such an impact. It has a straight forward appeal that goes perfectly with card design and grid layout. Artistic typography can look nice but when it comes to penetrating the mind of your consumers in a very effective way, it stays behind than the bold typography.

Conversational Interface

In the quest of making your website more user-friendly, the designers this year have realised the power of conversation with the visitors. And this conversation should not be limited to social media or content. To expand it more, the designers are bringing it in the design of the site too. It is more about giving the user a direction in the site so that the design itself can compel them to finish the task. On one hand, it offers the user a more personalised experience; on the other, it gives the brands a better opportunity to understand what the user is looking for. If you are even thinking of giving your website a new look, such interface can be helpful to assess and analyze users’ behaviour for you.

Less Stock and More Original Image

Authenticity has always more value to it no matter how simple it is. It is another big reason why websites are embracing authentic images more than the stock photographs. It not only helps in expressing the authenticity, thoughtfulness but also it helps in brand recognition. Now, instead of generic photos, authentic bespoke images are becoming popular. It brings out humane impression of the brand and helps the consumers to connect with them more.

 So, now as you know about the trends, what are you waiting for? Find a reputed company for web design in Sydney and start discussing your strategies with them keeping these trends in mind.

Vaibhav S
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