5 Ways Trending Topics Can Help Your Blog Grow

Writing a blog is a great way to share your thoughts and connect with other people. Of course to connect with others, you actually have to have people reading what you write. Building an audience is one of the most difficult challenges any new blogger will face. One of the fastest ways to bring readers to your blog is to write about the things that everyone is talking about.

Successful Blog

Successful Blog

Here are 5 ways Trending Topics can help your blog grow.

1. Trending Topics will help your blog stay relevant.

When people search for more information on a news story, they want to hear the latest, not what happened days ago. By writing about trending topics, you ensure that your content is always relevant. To get visitors to check out your blog, you have to give them something of value. You might be answering a question and providing the reader with information or maybe writing something purely for entertainment value instead. How you write your blog is up to you. Whatever your writing style, blogging about topics that are relevant is an excellent way to give readers a reason to follow your blog.

2. Trending Topics will help you update your blog more often.

There is no magical formula for creating a popular blog but the one thing that nearly all of the top bloggers have in common is posting on a regular basis. Getting people interested in your blog is all about building relationships. You want readers to feel invested and that means investing your time to give them great content. Writing about something new and interesting each day not only keeps your current readers happy, it also gives your blog constant exposure to new potential readers. With trending topics, you never have to worry about having an idea for what to write about on any given day.

3. Trending Topics will help keep your blog fresh.

One mistake that some new bloggers make is writing about the same thing over and over. The first time you write something that gets a lot of traffic, it’s tempting to apply the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rule. In the blogosphere, you can’t rest on your laurels. Readers value consistency but you can’t just rehash the same thing over and over again. Writing about trending topics is an easy way to avoid trap because trends are constantly changing.

4. Trending Topics will help you improve your writing.

How can writing about a trend improve your writing? By constantly writing about a diverse range of topics, you force yourself out of your comfort zone. There is an old saying to “write what you know” but when it comes to blogging, mixing it up is better. Being able to write in one style about a single subject may serve you well. There are plenty of popular blogs that do just that. If you want to reach the most people possible though, you have to be able to write about a wide variety a topics.

5. Trending Topics help spark conversation.

Social engagement is an excellent way to boost traffic. Getting readers to comment on what you’ve written not only allows you to connect with them by responding back but it also gives your visitors a chance to interact with each other. While any post can receive feedback, trends are the most likely to spark a conversation since more people are likely to chime in with their thoughts on a popular topic.

These are just 5 ways Trending Topics can help your blog grow but there are others as well. Whatever your blogging goals may be, writing about Trending Topics is a sure-fire way to get your blog noticed.

About Author: This article was written by Samuel Parker. He is a passionate blogger and has been in the blogosphere for 8 years. You can visit Buzzkenya.com where he often makes his contributions.

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