7 Best Tools to Improve WordPress Website Accessibility

If you already have a website or are planning to migrate your site to some other platform, then WordPress is a way to go. It is best to migrate website to WordPress that offer several plugins to make a site more accessible. However, it includes different tools that can be used to overcome certain challenges.


So, let us understand more about the WordPress tools that make the website accessible.

Why have an accessible website?

Having an accessible website is extremely essential due to better SEO, faster load speed, and good PR. It is the best thing to opt in order to make the website user-friendly and gain popular. On top of that, it is even beneficial for the audience that has disabilities. There are several issues addressed with the help of accessible tools including optimal color contrast, alt text images, text screen readability, keyboard website, and video captions.

Here are the tools that make the website accessible in WordPress.

1. Accessibility Widget – The WordPress developer depends on Accessibility Widget making the text enlarge as per the user. It can be enabled easily with the minimally-styled widget in terms of Large, Medium, and Small text links. The HTML elements can work up as per the settings and set up the font that will be displayed on the website. However, it is crucial to make sure that the text is readable to keep the content in the flow.

2. WP Accessibility – If you are having accessibility issues then WP Accessibility is a way to go. It is a multi function plugin including color contract toolbar and font size. The tool makes it easy for the audience to read the content. Also, it solves issues behind-the-scenes including implementing link outlines for keyword navigation, skip-to-content links, and utilizing images with longdesc. The best thing about using the WordPress tool is that it can be switched off anytime.

3. Accessible Defaults: Contact Form 7 – If you are planning to implement Contact Form 7 to your website then Accessible Defaults is an ideal way to move forward. The new form can be developed easily with the accessible form types that can be added with plugins. The best thing is that the pre-existing forms will remain unaffected and a new form is added to it. The new templates can be used to recreate the existing form and giving it a revamped look. So, while downloading Contact Form 7, it is best to install the companion plugin as well. This makes it easy to migrate website to WordPress.

4. Accessibility Toolbox: wA11y – In order to analyze the website then it is best to have a connection to accessibility tools with the help of wA11y. There is another tool as well – tota11y – that was used before wA11y was introduced. This accessibility tool can help in pointing out the issues and work on web page elements. However, in order to have details on current page analysis then WAVE. There is a bottom tool at the bottom so that users can easily be logged in to each tool. In order to start analyzing, it will be easy with just a click of a button.

5. Divi Accessibility – Another of the accessibility tool that is famous among the WordPress developer is the Divi tool. It is used to have Divi theme to include ARIA attributes, integrate aforementioned tota11y, and enhance keyboard navigation elements to the website. The package helps in increasing the accessibility of the WordPress website. If there are some shortcomings in theme then it will be easy to counteract with this package.

6. WP Accessibility Helper – The major thing about a website is to attract users and enhance their experience. The user-friendly toolbar can be added with the help of a WP accessibility helper to easily select color contrasts. In addition to this, there are also options for font size, changing the font, grayscale images, highlighting or underlining links, and keyboard navigation. The DOM scanner helps in checking up the errors to make the site even accessible. If you want goodies and more elements then there is a pro version as well.

7. Accessible Poetry – The floating button can be added to the website with the help of accessible poetry. This can be used to contrast changes and font with a toolbar when clicked. It is easy to migrate website to WordPress with such tools including disable on-screen flashes, mark links, and zoom in-out. However, the ALT platform is extremely famous with Dashboard to make the WordPress website user-friendly. It will be easy to upload images with no ALT tag. There is a listing that makes it easy to tag images.

The Bigger Picture

These are vital tools in order to create an accessible website. It can be a time taking process but the WordPress tools can make it easy to achieve your goals. These tools can help in adding features to the website. However, the Hire WordPress developer works around these tools but it is best to have all the knowledge before migrating the website.

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