Android: Best 5 Free Keyboard Apps

Google Keyboard

The attractiveness of Android is because it’s so customizable, and Android keyboards are not any exception. You will find keyboards designed for every type of typist, whether you need to hunt and peck, change your phone sideways and make use of both thumbs, or swipe within the screen with one finger. In this particular post I am about to present you the most effective free keyboard apps for Android.

Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard
Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard makes text input smart and hassle free. Glide through letters with the use of Gesture Typing which is just lift to complete a word, no space-bar required. By using Voice Typing, you can compose notes on the go. Google Keyboard ensures that you type faster plus much more accurately on various Android devices by the help of amazing current-word completions and next-word suggestions. Google Keyboard has a advanced keyboard layouts including dictionaries for 26 languages.



SwiftKey made waves in order to be the most important Android keyboards to actually embrace predictive text. Not exclusively is SwiftKey ready to correct your typing and guess that you supposed to say whether or not find yourself typing gibberish, SwiftKey can also scan Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Your Emails, SMS messages, and more all to figure out the way you naturally type and who you converse with. The whole lot knowledge is involved in its incredible predictive text engine that knows the way you type so much better than you do. Designed for phones and tablets with custom keyboards for each individual, SwiftKey is frequently updated with amazing features, incredibly powerful, and really worth the bucks.



If your are not familiar with Swype, the keyboard permits you to write words by drawing a connecting line amongst the letters considering the word across your keyboard. Sure, it’s possible to hunt and peck individual keys, however the real look of Swype is you’ll be able to “swipe” your finger from key to key to draw words, making is very easy and quick to type out entire sentences. Swype was recently taken over by Nuance, the makers of Dragon Dictation and Naturally Speaking, plus the most recently released Swype updates demonstrate that Nuance is bringing Dragon-powered speech to text onto the app, in addition to predictive typing that guesses the words you type while you type it, autocorrect, personal custom dictionaries, as well as other amazing features which make it innovative and our favorite keyboards.

Perfect Keyboard

Perfect Keyboard
Perfect Keyboard

Persons who really like to personalize their phones should download Perfect Keyboard, which allows you choose between multiple keyboard themes (from Honeycomb and Stone to Silicone and also iPhone). You are able to tweak anything from the button to font color, multiple layouts which include a split version with numbers at the center that’s most suited for tablets, and also download additional skins within the Play store (namely Tron Style for 99 cents). The customization fun continues with vibration-intensity settings and gesture-option shortcuts when swiping in various direction.

Kii Keyboard

Kii Keyboard
Kii Keyboard

Not really a fan of long-pressing letters to input numbers or switching to numeric mode? Kii Keyboard provides you the choice of showing a top number row in landscape and portrait mode. We also enjoy the multiple gesture options such as you’ll be able to either enable gesture typing for Swype-style input or activate other gestures, an example would be swiping left to delete words and swiping right to show Emoji. Finally, it is possible you can create multiple text shortcuts activated by abbreviations or even your very own keywords, and that is an amazing time-saver.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.

21 thoughts on “Android: Best 5 Free Keyboard Apps

  1. Hi,

    does any one know which app can I download for a keyboard with spelling check but with out the predictive text?

  2. TouchPal keyboard is awesome too. It’s like Swype, but free. And it has loads of nice looking skins.

  3. I use the ‘tactile keyboard’ app made by It’s comfortable and easy to use – you can look at what you’re writing instead of swiping at a keyboard.

  4. I like Smartkeyboardpro – for one simple functionality: Custom Autotext, which allows you to define shortcuts – e.g. when I type “z” up pops the option to substitute my zipcode or my street address (or simply the letter “z”). “CC” provides my credit card number or its expiration or its security code. “P” – my phone number. “Md” my email address, etc., etc, etc.

    Has saved me hours of filling in forms.

    Otherwise, it’s good but not great. But I can’t imagine using a keyboard without Custom Autotext functionality.

  5. GO keyboard is good but has some flaws. I don’t like how you cannot reposition your cursor if you haven’t made a selection from suggested words or pressed your space bar. I also don’t like that the voice to text feature doubles everything if you try to edit the text. It has too many glitches that I have reported to the developer, they don’t seem to care.

  6. I am using Google keyboard and its too much good then the others.

  7. Hey Vaibhav, I was thinking about to try some keyboard in my new android one and you came up with the info in a right time. It made easier for me to choose the keyboard. Really so thankful to u.

  8. Thanks Vaibhav for this useful post. I am using Swiftkey and I am fond of it.

  9. I would like to go for Swype one as I am already using it. Its really a good android keyboard.

  10. Thanks man for the article over keyboard. I was looking for some good keyboard and now I got it. Surely going to try the Google one. Thanks once again.

  11. Thank you for the information and I am going to try the Perfect Keyboard.

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