Android UI Design

Some Best Tips for Android UI Design

There is a sudden surge in the number of mobile phone application developers these days as it is one of the best ways to get fame and fortune. A lot of developers are coming out with some great unique ideas and developing some great apps. There is lot of factors involved in the mobile application [Read More]

Photo Recovery Softwares for iPhone

Top 10 Free Photo Recovery Software for iPhone

Having a free photo recovery software for your iPhone means that you no longer need to pay a couple of bucks just to get back what you have accidentally deleted a while ago. In this short list, we’ve listed down the best software programs that can help you out – some are completely free while [Read More]

Digital Rights Management

Get to Know Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management is the full name of DRM. There are two types of Digital Rights Management: one is mainly for encrypting data and preventing copy. The other is adopting the digital watermark technology. Data encryption and DRM copy protection as the core of DRM technology. For the digital content being encrypted, only authorized users [Read More]

SEO for Designer

5 SEO Tips For Designers

Being in the design industry isn’t the easiest at the moment. The competition is really tough and you really need to find the way to get a competitive edge over your competitors in this field. Getting your business a strong online presence can really help you achieve this and is something you need to focus [Read More]