Inbound Marketing

Best 8 Inbound Marketing Strategies Your Start-up Needs to Start Using Today

Inbound marketing helps pull customers to you rather than pushing content to them.

Inbound Marketing

It is about delivering content that interests a targeted audience which includes your potential customers. When you put the customer at the center of your business, you align your company goals with customer success, and in turn, they help you grow better. It’s a formula for sustainable, long term growth.

Top 8 Inbound Marketing Strategies

But before we talk about inbound marketing for start-ups, let us take a quick look at what inbound marketing actually is.

1. Start guest posting

Guest posting is the best inbound marketing strategy. By this method you increase relevant backlinks, links with influencers and make great relations.

Start-ups should invest time in consistent writing rather than scattered writing. It helps building brand in a niche. Create one genuine author account and start writing frequently on a site. This helps in growing business at a higher scale.

Check for sites which can possibly give you ROI. Check for site traffic, no.of visitors, site rank in Alexa and then invest your time in it. Do not let your efforts go in vein.

2. Email campaigns

Email campaigns can be very effective in any business specially for start-ups, it is the most useful thing to do. According to Neil Patel, for every $1 spent, email returns an average of $44.25.

Strategies to make email campaign work for you are:

  • Send helpful content to subscribers for more ROI
  • Stick with email marketing for the long-term fruits

3. Content is King

Creating quality content is crucial for any inbound marketing strategy. Your content represents your brand. One mistake can result in downfall of the brand.

The best-in-class content marketers work tirelessly to adapt their content to the target audiences they want to attract — and where they are in the customer journey.

Steps to become unique in your own ways:

  • Attractive headings
  • Include images, infographics and videos in content
  • Long article is the mantra

4. Influencer marketing campaign

One of the most effective strategies for building up your inbound marketing is getting other influencers to market for you.

If you do this the right way, it can be a free method to get people excited about your brand.

If you’re going to launch an influencer marketing campaign, you need to understand exactly what will make it work best.

According to Column Five and Microsoft, 84 percent of worldwide marketing professionals plan on launching influencer-based programs in the next year.

Appeal to the right target audience so that your efforts don’t go waste. Take help of different tools and find the right audience to target in the right stage of conversion.

Building relationships with influencers on social media platforms like twitter, LinkedIn can be more effective than sending bulks of spammy looking emails.

Choose wisely the platform to approach the right influencer.

5. Make good use of SEO

SEO optimization can help any start-up build lots of money and brand. Main factors to focus are on-page optimization and building authority links. Beware of spammy links and black hat methods to build links quickly. Even here, content plays an important role.

Keyword optimization is the most important factor when it comes to SEO optimization.

Since SEO leads have a 14.6-percent close rate and 81 percent of shoppers research online before buying, this is a great way to meet your customers at their moment of buying.

By promoting your content to other relevant influencers, you can increase the number of people that link back to you.

The exact number of backlinks you need to be successful on the search engines varies depending on the keyword, topic, and the competing sites that are ranking well now.

There are lots of ways to increase the number of backlinks you get to your content.

6. Create and Share Free Content

Create and share valuable and insightful content that your readers can benefit in the form of blog posts, white papers, or eBooks.

Promote your free content by having an exit pop up that showcases your free content or asks users to sign up for your newsletter. This can help capture leads for your business.

Share free content in the forms of e-books, How-to guides, infographics, hacks, tips etc.

7. Leverage Landing pages to the core

Landing pages can be extremely useful. Content on these landing pages should be optimized according to the goal and add relevant CTA buttons to reach them. Once the user lands on useful content he can actually convert big time.

Site visitors can convert to leads easily if the landing pages are designed properly.

Tools like leadsquared, HubSpot can help you create converting landing pages.

8. Remarketing for start-ups

Remarketing works by using your browser cookies to track the products you’ve expressed an interest in.Remarketing helps establish and provide a more relevant and personalized form of advertising by means of effective targeting. Remember, you’re only showing these ads to people who’ve expressed an interest in you and your offerings. It’s more effective than mindlessly broadcasting your message to a huge crowd that may not even be interested in you.

Nowadays, most social media marketing on platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to promote your ads to specific audiences. For instance, you can show an ad to someone for a product they may have viewed earlier. You can incentivize them to make that final purchase decision by offering a discount.But to achieve this high level of personalization, you need to amass vast amounts of data. Luckily, the same tools you can leverage for remarketing, provide you with the tools to run analytics. With some investment, research, and planning, remarketing can boost your start-up growth manifold.

Last Paragraph

Inbound marketing strategies are all capable of enhancing and complimenting each other as they’re executed properly.

Put your resources to good use, and adjust and fine-tune your inbound marketing approach as you go. Be careful in choosing your strategy and keep measuring the results on time. This can help big time in boosting up your start-ups ROI.