Strategies for Brand building by using Digital Signage

Brand Building

Businesses are not only facing increased competition but also have to cope with much more demanding consumers whose expectations are soaring. This has posed new challenges in creating brand awareness that needs a much aggressive approach than merely depending on the trademark of business to make the brand recognizable to consumers.  Many strategic and innovative efforts are now required to build a brand than was ever needed. This is the time when you must think beyond the traditional print and online marketing channels for building brands. The efforts of the brand building now begin within the store by using electronic signs that are much more efficient in engaging consumers more closely with brands. Organizations can now enjoy better opportunities of focusing on in-store efforts to create strong impressions about brands.

Brand Building

Technology has now provided opportunities of smart brand packaging so that you can present your brand to consumers in the most attractive ways. Surveys have revealed that the retail venues are best places for building the identity that make brands easily recognizable and popular. In addition to investing in retail, brands are strengthening their efforts by investing in alternate media options. The signs are obvious that for in-store marketing, the way forward is to make the best use of digital signage that is turning out to be a powerful channel in brand building.  Here are some ways of using the most promising brand building media that helps to build a strong brand identity.

Brand recognition creates brand equity

Being easily recognized is the primary objective of building any brand. The brand attributes must be revealing enough to create an identity for the brand so that consumers can recognize it instantly.  The process of establishing a brand takes time, and the best way of doing it is to use the display facility of digital signage to represent the brand in various shades so that consumers can view it from different perspectives. By creating appropriate content for display on the signage, you can connect closely with consumers who find reasons for staying engaged. More time users spend on brands; higher is the impact as the brand submerges in their minds gradually. This is when they discover the value of the brand and start relying on it. Thus begins the process of creating brand equity that determines the worth of the brand.

Grab all attention

The process of a brand building depends primarily on the brand’s ability to draw attention.  For the brand to draw attention, it is necessary to present it to consumers at the right time, in the right way and at the right places. You can achieve it by using digital signage placed strategically to offer maximum visibility. Since people are more attracted to moving images, using videos and animation in the content helps to grab all attention. You can create the most captivating content by using all aspects of video technology to uphold the brand in a more vibrant way that leaves a profound impact in the minds of consumers. For a consistent brand experience, the presentation and layout of signage content must have a close connection to the overall branding approach of your company.

From inside to outside

The retail industry that uses storefronts should be able to take advantage of the dynamic communication system that the digital signage offers. The efforts that begin within the store must be scaled up to create connections with consumers even beyond the walls of the stores by setting up signage at strategic outdoor locations.  Combining indoor and outdoor displays increases the reach of the brand as it can connect with consumers across different locations. Create a sound content strategy by taking into consideration what consumers like and use the technology to reach out to the widest section of users who stay connected to the brand.

Differentiate content according to signage location

The strategy of the brand building must revolve around two distinct aspects – visibility and engagement. To ensure maximum visibility of the brand, strategic placement of signage is very important. When placed inside the store, the signage must be located at places that experience maximum footfalls, and its position must be at a suitable level that is convenient for viewing by all without straining the necks. Since in-store visitors are most likely to buy the products, the content must focus on a much subtle approach around products that are most relevant in that space that would encourage customer loyalty. In contrast, the content for outdoor signage must be much brighter and louder that can be viewed from a distance and much more promotional. Regular evaluation of campaign results would help improve brand building strategies that would lead to the right approaches in creating brand awareness that also brings revenues.

Mix information and entertainment

When using indoor digital signage, keep in mind that the content must be a combination of information and entertainment. This is particularly the case when the signage is located in places where people have to wait for hotel lobbies, travel terminals, waiting rooms near lines where people seek information as well as entertainment. Since you are aware of the consumer choices, can select the programs accordingly. Sports, news, weather reports and other local updates are quite relevant information served on real time basis.  Other information based on the type of industry is also attractive like serving health related information for visitors in the healthcare industry. Regular updates and refreshing content at regular intervals are ways to increase the attraction of consumers who feel closeness with the brand.

Maintaining a healthy pipeline of content is essential for building brands. At the same time, getting familiar with the use of signage is critical so that you can change the content at will and present the content of the moment that will delight consumers. Remember that the digital signage is only a platform and brand building depends on your capabilities of using the platform to your advantage. More you get accustomed to the technology and build resources for relevant content; better are the prospects of connecting intimately with consumers.

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