Multiple CSV

Learn How to Convert Multiple CSV to VCF: A Step by Step Process

Most of the people are now switching from Excel to VCF file format. As VCF is a popular file format used by users for storing contacts and all the other information in a standard format. A VCF file can store name, email address, phone number and other contact information. Nowadays almost every program, device and operating system support VCF file format. Therefore, most of the people want to convert their multiple CSV data files into VCF format. Now, the question arises How to convert multiple CSV to VCF? Thus, in this post, a reliable and secure solution is provided to convert .csv data into the .vcf format.

Multiple CSV

I am using Excel from years to store all my contact and manage all information. But, now I am facing issues with the CSV format. As this file format is not supported by other programs or devices. So, I want to convert all my data into VCF format. There is anyone who can suggest me a simple but secure method to perform the conversion task”

Tool Tip: If you want a quick, secure and simple solution to export CSV to VCF in bulk, then you can go for Excel to VCF Converter. This utility easily converts XLS contacts to VCF format without losing any data.

Export Excel File Contacts to VCF File Format

To convert multiple CSV to VCF format, there is one simple step. But, there are some users who don’t have .csv file and directly want to migrate contacts from Excel into .vcf or .vcard format.

This Excel to VCF conversion is divided into three sub-steps that are:

  • Convert Excel to CSV
  • Import Contacts from CSV
  • Export Contacts to vCard

Step 1: Convert Excel to CSV

  1. First, you have to launch the Excel workbook (XLS or XLSX) which you want to convert into CSV format on your local machine
  2. Now, you have to click on Office button and then click on Save As option and then click on Other Formats option
  3. Specify a location for new CSV file and give its name also. Now, select Save as type: CSV (Comma delimited)(*.csv) and then click on Save button
  4. If the selected workbook contains multiple sheets then a message will appear. So, click on OK to save only the active sheet
  5. After this, one more message will pop up on your screen. Now, to keep the selected workbook in the same format you just have to click Yes

Step 2: Import Contacts from CSV

You need to import all the contacts from this new CSV file, once your Excel workbook has been converted into CSV format.

  1. Press Windows key on your Desktop, and then type contact in the search box. Now, under the Program list click on the Contacts option
  2. Contacts window will be opened on your system’s screen. Click on Import tab to import contacts from CSV file
  3. Now, a window will pop up that is Import to Windows Contacts. After this, you have to select CSV option from the list and then click on the Import button to carry on the process
  4. Choose the CSV file you want to import and click on the Browse option to locate the file
  5. In this step, you have to select the CSV file from which you want to import the contacts into your system. Then, to confirm the file selection click Open
  6. The CSV file which you have selected will be listed in the edit box
  7. Now, to continue the process click on Next
  8. You will see that all the text and contacts fields are displayed. After this, you have to map them correctly.
  9. For instance, click Name of the Employee Field and then select the contact field. Now, select Name field if you have selected Name of the Employee and then click OK
  10. Similarly, you have to map all the fields. Once mapping task is completed, click on Finish
  11. Now, you have to start the import process

Step 3: Export Multiple CSV to VCF File Format

After the successful completion of the import process now, you have to export them to new vCard files.

  1. You will see that the contact window is still active on your system. Now, you have to select all the contacts you want to export to VCF files. After this, click on the Export tab
  2. A window will be displayed that is Export Windows Contacts. You have to select VCF (files or folders) option from the list and then click on the Export to carry on the process
  3. Now, you have to select the desired location for VCF export. You can also create a new folder to any location.
  4. After the selection of location, click on the OK button to confirm it
  5. Wait for few seconds, all the contacts will be exported to VCF files at the location specified location and finally, you have to click on OK

Automated Solution to Convert Multiple CSV to VCF Format

Many users face difficulties in performing the manual steps as they are trick and lengthy. Moreover, technical knowledge is required to perform the steps in a precise way. So, it is suggested to users to go for an automated solution that is SysTools Excel to VCF Converter. This tool converts CSV file to VCF file format in a hassle-free way. It has many advanced features such as a user can convert multiple Excel contacts in batch. It also provides mapping option and also creates single VCF file for each contact. All over, it is an efficient and safe solution.


Most of the people prefer to convert multiple CSV to VCF as VCF file is highly supported by various devices, online and offline email clients etc. So, in this post, step by step method is discussed to help all the users who are searching for a secure and trusted approach to convert CSV files to VCF format.

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