17 Email Marketing Tips to growth hack Your Ecommerce sales and conversion

Email Marketing

You may have seen some tips, tricks or “hack” on the web for email marketing: ways to increase conversions, clicks, opening rates and subscriptions, to name a few. Well, this article has a bit of everything, in one place! This hack email marketing will increase all your email marketing and conversion of registration. This allows you to dive right into it.

Email Marketing

Software tools are very important in this era of science and technology, where business has to face different functions. You must work on large amounts of data in different departments such as accounts, marketing, human resources and management. These software tools not only manage and organize information, but to make good decisions. Companies use software tools to communicate with their employees, customers and management to complete business processes effectively.

Email marketing has become very important in business marketing strategy. Every company needs a good email marketing software to communicate with your prospects. E-mail bulletins are a very effective way to provide information about their products and services to their potential customers. Whatever  your business, you need software to manage your email subscribers and non-subscribers to send e-newsletters immediately.

To send an e-newsletter to a small number of people, you can by regular e-mail client or use specialist email marketing software which allows you to use professional designed template.

1. Sending content from other people

When you plan your content in the coming months and do a brainstorming session on what to send in addition to promotion, why not send other people’s content? Do not be afraid to upload your list of content that does not belong to you – as long as they are not direct competitors!

2. Do not create, rector? – do you mean “recreate”?

Instead of creating a new own content, try to rector?  the best web content in one place.

3. Write titles

Addressing your email is the first thing to consider as it acts like a  “door” through which  your customer should  go through. No matter the quality of your e-mail content – if you do not open, you might as well have sent  an empty e-mail. The key is to a large extent is piquing the reader’s interest with emotional writing. You need to invoke their curiosity, fear, humor or anger.

4. Use FWD: and RE: in Your Subject

Two titles most of the materials used are shorter than abbreviated “RE” and “FWD”. They work well because people assume that their form is or response to something they have already sent (meaning that it is important), or transmits  useful information. However, remember that if you use these tips as titles or mistreat them, you also risk annoying your readers.

5. Keep your short title

Title / subject of the email should be limited. If it is too long, the last word can be cut.

Tip: Use this break in your favor! Try sending a topic like “I’ve lost 20 pounds! I just …” to the reader interested in what you’ve done.

6. Do not abuse photos

Images are a great way to increase the speed of scanning and the value of your e-mail address, but if used  excessively  they  can lead to an email being marked as spam. Try to limit yourself to one or two high quality images in each  email, and   test all text emails as well! Marketing is about the process of  testing and analysing , after all.

7. Include customer testimonials

People are much more interested in the opinions of others than they would in the opinion the companies are trying to sell them. By providing social proof of the credibility of your business and the quality of your products or services through customer testimonials you  reduce some of the barriers that your readers should have about buying from you.

8. Embed Tweets

One of the easiest ways to show social proof is to integrate the actual tweets of your past clients into your emails.

9. Use the plus button!

Insert the “Click Me” button into something funny.

Who does not like to press  buttons on the Internet? Clicking on buttons usually means that something big will come to your door within a few days, or you can download something for free. Using novel call to action buttons have  a higher click rate than when they are a  text link. Try to use keys like CTA (call rate), resulting in the sales page.

10. Add a personal touch

What do people like to hear more than any other word in the English language? His name. The person’s name is like gold. If you have it, use it in your emails. Most e-mail marketing platform allows you to insert a short code that automatically draws its name from its database.

11. Encourage readers to respond directly

Instead of sending an e-mail with “No Response” at the end, encourage a reply! Make the response process as easy as possible for them. No one wants to have to look for customer support, compose a new e-mail and send it. We prefer to answer and finish with him. Make sure you answer!

12. Sending fewer emails

If you send out e-mails every day to the same contacts  your open rates are likely to decrease. Of course, this depends on your industry, but I would not send more than 1-2 emails per week impact. Make it count!

13. Use the e-mail campaign “drip”

Drip campaigns have the advantage that  a series of emails are sent over a specified interval of time (i.e. “leaked” through the funnel) and can be designed for a specific purpose, such as conversion clients, educating new members or  encourage them to see a series of videos.

14. Write an amazing signature

Your electronic signature is a great place for inspirational quotes and links to your website. Personally, I like quotes from Buddha.

15. Proofread, proofread, proofread!

Okay, it’s not as much as hacking a personalized advice. Being a writer, I think I’m lazy and blatant when I receive an email full of misspellings. As a consumer, I do  think about the legitimacy of the company that sends me an email. Always make sure to correct  spelling mistakes and grammar errors in e-mails before sending it.

16. Do not be afraid to return e-mails unopened

Every time you submit an e-mail campaign, keep a list of people who do  not open the mail – and re-send your email in a few days.

17. Split-test your email campaigns

Try A/B tests where you send two different versions of a particular email to your audience (e.g. testing different titles).  – an audience with A (50%) and audience B (50%). This helps you identify what  works best. The key is to change one thing at a time. If you change the object and the image on the Internet, how do you know it made the difference?


Summarise main takeaway from above ideas or which ideas to put most effort into?

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.
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