Website Hacking

Less-known Tricks to Know About Website Hacking and Its Prevention

As the technology is rising at a rapid pace, large number of risks are also associated in the same proportion. As internet is the largest source of infection, websites are the most prone place to snatch information from.¬†Website hacking becomes quite common by an intruder through different ways. The interesting part is, they are not […]

eCommerce Store

How to Develop an eCommerce Store for Your Small Business?

An eCommerce software platform is an application that empowers eCommerce store aka online shops to run their site and perform sales operations. eCommerce software platform privileged buyers to purchase their products from the eCommerce store /online store where solutions change in the level to which they can join and use front and back-office applications with […]

Quality Logo

How to Create a Quality Logo for Your Blog without any Design Skill?

Ever wonder to design an eye-catching logo for your blogs, website or social channels to attract attention online? DesignEvo, a very handy online quality logo maker, can help you get it done. It offers an impressive number of ready to use templates, resources and editing tools, making logo design an easy task. If you are […]


When & Why You Need to Revamp Your Business’s Website

An informed entrepreneur who seeks to further grow and expand on the vision behind the business knows that the only limitations are of their own accord. In current times we find technology rapidly evolving and staying in the flow of events and being relevant is of high importance. Augmented and virtual realities are emerging, IoT […]


Ways to Update Your Website for Success in 2018

In an era where social networks like Facebook and Twitter have become routine, and the use of smartphones and tablets for web access is emerging, the demand for real-time information and fast, intuitive browsing is growing exponentially. Technology has come for everyone, and accessibility is trying to keep pace. And not all websites have already […]

UX Design

8 Reasons Why You Should Get Into UX Design

User Experience design also known as UX design is a solution made to solve real problems. It is prepared with the combined use of frameworks, methods and tools and it increases the design experience too. That serves as a real-time design solution which is functional in true sense and it proves to be useful. UX […]