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Health Apps – You Should Use to Take Care of Your Overall Health

A challenging and exhausting work life can leave you with little to no time to maintain a balanced lifestyle. It’s essential to pay heed to it as it plays a crucial role in improving both your professional and personal life, as well. If your primary goal is to improve your overall health, you would be surprised to know there are variety of smartphone apps you can use to take more control of your health. Imagine health apps that would make tracking your medical records and diet, fitness goals, getting medical reminders and improving your mental wellbeing easier for you. For your convenience, we have sorted a few innovative, easy-to-use, and top-performing health apps you need to for your physical and mental welfare.

Health Apps

Check out some Top Performing Health Apps!

1. Aloe Bud

New Year is just around the corner and many people would want to comply with their new resolution of focusing on their health and wellness. If you are one of those people who want to focus on their self-care but unable to do so because of their busy schedule, Aloe Bud is the perfect app for you! When it comes to helping you take care of yourself every single day, nothing can beat Aloe Bud.

With the app, you get notifications throughout the day, reminding you to eat, drink water to stay hydrated, reach out to your friends and more. Rather than making you feel guilty about not taking care of yourself, the app encourages you to celebrate the smallest achievements. To leverage the app to the fullest, you need to be connected to att uverse internet as it requires constant internet connectivity.

2. ZocDoc

It’s extremely exasperating when you call a doctor’s office and they put you on hold. Additionally, going through the tedious task of providing personal and medical information can take a toll on your physical and mental health. But by downloading ZocDoc on your smartphone, you will avoid the week-long waiting periods to get an appointment.

The ZocDoc app does not only make the tiresome process of getting an appointment hassle-free but also lets patients view available appointment slots in the next 24 hours. That is how you can book your appointment instantly, that too without leaving the comfort of your home. The best thing about ZocDoc is that it is available for free, both for Android and iPhone users.

3. Medisafe

Are you one of those people who forget to take medicines on time? If yes, then Medisafe is the app you need in life. We all visit the doctor’s office to get medicine to eliminate our health issues but then become caught up with so many things and forget to take the prescribed medicine. If you are in the same boat, you need to know failing to take medicines can be dangerous for your health. With Medisafe, you are notified at the exact time when you are supposed to take medicine. The tech-savvy patients using the app end up having a significant improvement in their health.

4. Talkspace

While struggling with life challenges, coping with different changes at home, and work, fewer people consider going for counseling options to manage their mental health issues. Either they feel the entire process is too nerve-wracking or they hesitate to approach a professional therapist. If the entire process of approaching and affording a therapist seems too stressful and challenging during anxiety and depression, then you need to install Talkspace, which is an answer to all these obstacles. Talkspace is a helpful app if you are hoping to get rid of mental health issues. The beauty of the app is that it offers online therapy services to individuals who are dealing with different challenges.

Talkspace connects you with licensed therapists via audio messages, text messages, and video for as low as $49 per week.  But, if you are looking to take live online sessions, you will have to opt for its premium package. Even better, the app is free for both Android and iOS users. So, install it and bid farewell to your mental health issues.

5. Shleep

Do you often find yourself tossing and turning in bed at night? Is your productivity being affected due to lack of sleep? Well, no need to worry, Shleep is the app, especially designed to help you sleep faster at night. When you use the app, you are likely to wake up feeling more well-rested. To find out how well you are sleeping, you can check out its in-built questionnaire.

Wrapping Text!!

In case, you are still having difficulty sleeping better, the app will teach you exactly how to do that via learning modules. The app will also prioritize specific sleeping modules depending on your sleeping habits.

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