How To Ensure People Return To Your Website Again And Again

Any website owner will be aware of how important it is to ensure that their site appears high up the search engine rankings in order to create as much traffic as possible, but how many actually think about giving them a reason to return time and time again? Whilst SEO will get you to the top of the SERPs; it is your website itself that has the task of driving return visitors that can give you a more sustained flow of traffic and revenue.

So what are the best ways to bring people back for more? You may have already experienced a lot of these yourself when purchasing things online, but they are all very useful at encouraging repeat business.

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One great way to get people to come back to your site and spend more money is by sending them emails which detail items that they may be interested in. This is usually done by monitoring what the user has purchased in the past and then sending them the details of similar items. This helps to make the visitor feel a bit more special because these products are often ones they are interested in, and by sending them the information they are more likely to purchase it from your website than elsewhere.

Happy Birthday –

Everybody loves to be wished a happy birthday and what’s more surprising and unexpected than your favourite website wishing you many happy returns? You could attach a special birthday offer for them to use on your site which will grab their attention and bring them back to a place they may have forgotten about.

Loyalty Bonuses –

Loyalty schemes have literally exploded in recent years and now every business has its own way of keeping their brand at the forefront of their consumers’ minds. This can easily be replicated online by creating a way that customers can collect points or rewards that gradually add up to them receiving money off their purchase. By doing this you will ensure that visitors return to buy from you instead of somewhere else so that they can continue taking part in your collection scheme.

‘We Haven’t Seen You For A While’ –

Sometimes consumers will sign up to your site just to purchase a specific product without ever thinking of returning. However, once you have their contact details, you can reach out to them further down the line and remind them that you are still there and you still value them as a customer. Make sure you include the details of some of your most popular products in order to entice them back and you could even offer some money off to try and encourage them to come and spend their money with you again.

Constantly Updated Content –

Without doubt the best way to encourage people to revisit your site is by offering them something different every time they land on your page. If they start to realise that your website is constantly changing then they are more likely to check in regularly to see what’s new. This could be in the form of a new blog post or some interactive games they can play within your site, but however you do it you should ensure that you advertise your newest content via social media.

About Author: Chris Mayhew works for Marketing By Web who are a responsible SEO agency in Bristol. SEO can help you to reach the top of the SERPs and command repeat business in many areas.

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