LG Phones – The Range Reviewed

LG Ranges

LG have struggled in the smartphone sector. They really didn’t make the impact which they perhaps wanted to early on in their journey. However, recent smartphones have demonstrated that LG phones are real contenders in the industry.

The LG G2 has won numerous awards in 2013. It was crowned best smartphone of the year by Stuff magazine. It is clear that LG are doing many things right, and are developing a reputation that will encourage consumers to make them their first choice.

LG Ranges
LG Ranges

The industry is amazingly cluttered. There are so many good products out there which makes it very difficult for consumers to choose. Often the consumer will make a decision based on a brand, rather than the phone itself. Choosing between two very similar phones can be difficult. It may come down to aesthetic appeal and brand appeal or which manufacturer is the more successful.

You only have to look at the success of the Apple iPhone series to show how important brand is. Apple sold 52 million smartphones in one weekend, on presale. Consumers anticipated a great phone and didn’t even need to hold it before they bought it.

In this article we will take a look at some of the better phones in the LG phones range.

The LG Phones Range

The LG G2


This phone was released in the third quarter of 2013. It has an amazing high definition display. One of the best cameras on the market. It is beautifully designed, and built from premium looking and feeling materials. In terms of power and performance it is top-notch. In an industry which contains the HTC One, the Sony Xperia Z, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5 phones, it is a remarkable feat that LG have delivered a top performer so late in the game.

The LG G Flex

LG G Flex
LG G Flex

Off the back of the LG G2, LG have released the incredible LG G Flex. It comes to the market with new technology not seen before. It has a concave screen that is quite simply superb. It is a phablet size and has a monster 6 inch display. It is therefore quite difficult to use single-handed. However, that is of course the payoff which we make in order to have enhanced and enlarged displays. The design is very similar to the LG G2.

The display is able to self-heal. Over time, and ideally in warmer temperatures, the display fills in small scratches and blemishes. It won’t heal deep scratches but it is a very nice feature.

It is clear that LG is driving the next generation of innovation forward with this phone. It is amazing how they have turned around their reputation and are now becoming leaders in the industry.

The LG Nexus 4

LG Nexus 4
LG Nexus 4

This phone was developed in partnership with Google. The ability to partner with the search giant and owner of the most successful operating system on the market, was simply too good to pass up. It has done wonders for the LG brand, and also seems to have propelled their manufacturing skills to a new level.

This is undoubtedly one of the best value phones ever produced. The specifications are similar to the £500 phones, but the phone comes in at around half their prices. The Nexus series is clearly a very attractive option in the current smartphone climate. The Google Nexus 5 is even better than the 4.

The LG Optimus L5

LG Optimus L5
LG Optimus L5

This phone comes in at the budget end of the market. It has nice style and handling, super user-friendliness, a wonderful feature set and decent performance. The battery is solid as well.

The phone provides excellent tweaks to Android, and a decent 5 megapixel. Perhaps the build quality could have been better, and a front facing camera could have been included, but overall though, considering the cost is just over £100, it is a really high performer.

 The LG Optimus 2X

LG Optimus 2X
LG Optimus 2X

This phone was one of the first of the LG phones to really pack a punch in the industry. Beforehand, people were somewhat under-whelmed by LG phones. This model has really nice style and handling, great user-friendliness and a nice feature set. In terms of performance it was right up there in terms of industry standards when it came out a couple of years ago. The 4 inch display is beautiful. The eight megapixel camera takes superb snaps. The high definition video recording was amongst the best at the time.

Unfortunately this phone isn’t particularly attractive. Recently LG have improved the look of their phones and therefore are going to have far more success in an industry which is dominated by aesthetic appeal in no small measure.

Industry Competition

Historically LG phones have been pretty solid. However, they have not captured the imagination of the consumer market. LG has been more successful in the television and home electronics sector.

However, things seem to be changing. The LG G2 is one of the best smartphones ever made. It is clear that there is a sea change happening in the smartphone sector. We have also seen Nokia with their 1020 receive higher claim. Nokia have won top gadgets of the year awards for this phone.

Look Out For LG Phones

The consumer electronics market has the capacity to change in a split second. One release of a new phone can catapult a manufacturer up to the top of the industry, and have an effect that waterfalls down through their  phones in all price ranges. Look out for LG in 2014, as they are certainly doing a lot of things right.

What About A Folding Tablet?

It appears that the folding tablet may be coming to the market soon. Samsung have leaked pictures of designs they have produced. We could be very close to seeing a really big innovation that will turn the tide in the industry. It is clear that the smartphone industry is an amazing place at the moment. It is packed full of innovative manufacturers who are striving to dominate the arena. Standing still is not an option in the marketplace. Things have to move fast in order to satisfy the desires of the consumer public.

Resource Box: When Phil Turner was looking for a phone with Google features he checked out the LG phones that were currently available on websites like uSwitch before choosing one to buy.

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