App Development

Why Startups are twist to Swift for iPhone App Development?

The programming world is vast, and everyone is entitled to their opinion when it comes to selecting a platform, a programming language, a framework, and what not. It would be practically impossible for you to get a yes or no answer to many questions that you would have as a developer. If we look at […]

Android App

Rising Android App Development Trends to Catch Momentum in 2018

Over the past few years, the app development industry has grown manifolds. The smartphone revolution has become the perfect platform for all app developing companies to showcase their talents and to derive monetary benefits from their apps. The years gone by have witnessed the rise and growth of apps created for different operating systems. And, […]

Galaxy C8

Samsung Galaxy C8 – The Fastest Samsung Phone

The communication has been an important aspect in every phase of development. However, the mediums for the same were different in different periods. The society has seen numerous options such as basic phones and cell phones. After the success of the cell phones, there came an advanced version of the same which function on an […]

Business App

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your First Business App

The demand for business mobile apps has boomed over the last few years. As of March 2017, there were over 2.8 million apps being offered in the Google Play Store. This is almost triple the number of apps listed just four years earlier. With such a vast amount of apps now available on the market, […]

Mobile Apps

How Mobile Apps Can Help You Market Your Brand

Every business today is constantly looking for new ways to outrun their competition and peak their customers’ interest. That’s why there are so many new, innovative and creative marketing campaigns being launched each day. However, there is always one tough question businesses must answer and that is which marketing strategy will yield the best results? […]

iPhone X

Everything you need to know about the new iPhone X

Smartphones are the basic need for everyone nowadays. Smartphone consists of all the essentials you need in a compact form. Simply you can take the work of hundred gadgets from a single smartphone. Whether its writing daily schedule, emailing, calculating, checking trending news and a lot more, you can just check and do all of […]