Lock your Android

How to Get Your Android Device Protected from Spyware?

Smartphones are ubiquitous no matter wherever you go, whoever you meet! Smartphones are not only used to stay in touch with your family and friends but also used to keep you updated and entertained. With the advancement of technology, smartphones are more prone to malware and spyware. It’s high time, users took security seriously as […]

iOS 11

8 Really Unknown Features of iOS 11 Entering in your iPhone

Last updated: August 26th, 2017We all have our eyes and ears open when we come across the Apple introducing new versions coming up.  The New iPhone iOS 11 has been launched, the most awaited Apple phone that rules the hearts of many. The heart throbbing Apple handset is designed with many advanced and innovative features […]

Office Apps

9 Best Office Apps for Android for Better Productivity

Get all your office works done on your Android phone. These office apps have helped man evolved from desk work to smart work i.e. the Android. It allows you to work from anywhere and anytime. The Android consists of various office apps like Microsoft word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office, Spreadsheet etc. is quite helpful […]


Top 7 Photo Printing Apps for Android

Ever since smartphones came into existence performing all the different tasks are just a click away. One such task while proved impossible a few years back was wireless printing. Smartphones have played a pivotal role in making this a reality. Any individual can easily connect a printer to his smartphone and give a print command […]

iPhone 6S

How to Get Rid of Duplicate Contacts in iPhone?

iPhone is quite popular device and it has strong security and management features as well. Just like this device will always offer you choices in appearance thru iPhone 6s cases for girls and boys, you will always get choices in features as well. When you go to the market to purchase phone covers for iPhone […]