.Net based Audio Conferencing for Enterprise Solution

Communication in the world of business is very crucial because timely decisions can help a company respond to a rising demand in the market or handle a corporate crisis. Communication between different teams of an organization not only improves productivity but makes the entire business process more transparent. Each team knows what the other teams are doing and hence, chances of missing deadlines or false ideas are minimal.

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Audio Conference Solutions

For effective communication, companies prefer to use audio conferencing. Audio conferencing is basically a telephone call in which two or more parties can participate. It’s really versatile and can be set up quickly. Based on your requirements, you can keep communication channels for both ways open or make some lines one-way only. That means while some people can participate in active conversation, some can only listen whatever other people are saying. Custom web-based audio conferencing solutions can be installed in computers to provide enterprise-wide seamless communication facility. Users can take the help of a headphone with microphone to talk with other people. In order to sign in to a call conferencing app, you may need a username and password or a secret PIN number.

Web based audio conferencing solutions are called VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocols. The user’s voice is carried over via internet to the other end and vice versa but it saves a lot of money as you need to pay only a fraction of long distance calls.

What are the benefits of audio conference solutions?

  • If you need to take votes for an important and immediate business decision, it takes only a few minutes to communicate and conduct the poll via voice calling.
  • You can control the audience from a single user interface. For example, from your computer, you can add new people in the conversation or remove someone from the contact list temporarily to make the chat private.
  • Some audio conferencing software allows you to share app or your desktop. This is a great feature as you can show a file stored in your computer to the other stakeholders instantly.
  • The system manages billing, client records, resource utilization and reminders.
  • No matter where the employees are located, they can communicate with the office via VoIP software.
  • It’s completely secure and keeps your data out of hackers’ reach.
  • The software generates usage reports every month or week so that you can track your expenditure. You also get to know per month/week minute usage to calculate the return on investment.
  • It makes the decision making process easy. Suppose, you have a multinational company headquartered in Sydney and some of your offices are located in India. Now, owing to the recent devaluation of Indian rupee, your products are not maintaining the same profit margin as it used to. In that case, you can discuss the issue with other board members by organizing a worldwide audio conferencing and increase the price of products overnight to recover the loss.
  • VOiP enterprise tools make meetings more diplomatic than traditional board meetings. In a board meeting, often nobody listens to the junior members but in web audio conferencing, everyone gets an opportunity to speak his mind.
  • You can save costs related to meetings such as transport and food. Nobody needs to leave home/office to take part in the meeting. Minimal time is wasted and as soon as the meeting is over, people can get back to their work.
  • You can stay ahead of your competitors by reacting to the changes happening in the market. For example, if your competitor eCommerce website starts offering 40% sale on products, you can immediately talk with the sales and site admin department, discuss the possibilities and impact of a sale and start offering similar or better offer.
  • It’s a direct communication medium and thus helps you resolve issues quickly. No need to send mails to different executives of your organization. From the team leader to lower level trainees, everyone can participate in audio conferencing to hear what you have to say.
  • You can use it to train new employees or make new announcements.

Opt for .NET framework to build enterprise audio conferencing solution

There are several platforms for developing web based audio conferencing solutions but .NET is the ideal framework for this job. SDK for .Net framework is resourceful and user friendly, and its let you add several additional features like screen sharing and text messaging to the audio conferencing app.

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