Security Breach

How to Prevent a Potential Cyber Security Breach?

Security breach has become a thing of routine for many organizations lately. For internet users, nothing is more valuable than their data. Regardless of tight security everywhere there are some pesky beings online always trying to intrude cyber privacy, although there is a fair number of measures several companies have taken to make sure the data their consumers and users have trusted them with, is kept safe and well hidden from cyber trespassers.

Security Breach

Companies spend millions and millions of dollars each year, just to keep the data of their users safe. If, in case, a security breach does occur nothing can salvage the reputation of the company from going bad. Let’s take the example of Target. Back in 2013, Target met with a huge bump on their way that caused them to lose a whopping $90 million over a security breach. The company tried hard to recover from not only the financial loss, but the reputation gone bad too, given the breach. Target was running its brick-and-mortar stores across the US, until the year 2000 when they decided to launch their website and entered the e-commerce realm.

In 2013, the 13 year old website was met with one of the biggest security breaches of all time where the data of almost 100 million people was accessed illegally. This caused Target’s consumers to have second thoughts about trusting Target again and despite reaching a settlement worth $10 million, Target still hasn’t been able to recover from the tarnished reputation, which the company had spent years building. Security breaches can be prevented however, and for this, companies must take serious measures to keep the data and information of their consumers safe.

Before discussing the ways through which security breaches can be prevented, let’s shed some light onto what security breaches really are:

Security breach happens when data is accessed illegally by an unauthorized party evading the security perimeters. Organizations across the world keep their databases under strict surveillance and upon a breach, security administrators are notified immediately.

If a security breach is successful the intruder might go on and hack the entire database or system, or release an application which might cause the entire system to fail. Cutting it short, opting for measures to keep security breaches at bay is an absolute necessity, especially when a company’s reputation and finances are at stake.

How to Prevent Security Breach?

Security breaches occur the most when data is accessed frequently. Not all kinds of data, which organizations are holding on to, is of the same importance. Therefore, to make sure no breaches take place, organizations must keep their data arranged as per priority.

What’s the most important, should be accessed the least, or only by the ones who are designated to do so. Plus, the password to such data must be changed every week or two. According to experts, passwords are the easiest to hack. Therefore, if they are changed frequently, hackers will have a difficult time getting through them.

Another factor that plays an important role in keeping data safe from security breaches is knowing the people you trust your organization’s data with. Since running an organization requires meeting and working with new people, don’t be afraid to crosscheck their background. A lot of security breaches are caused by those from within an organization and executed mostly by the employees themselves. So to keep such situations at bay, always run a thorough check on the background of the new employees and find out if they carry a poor reputation.

A security breach can also be prevented by keeping the security software updated. Each day, organizations are exposed to thousands of malicious emails, which upon being mistakenly clicked upon, can infect the systems of an entire organization causing critical data to be hacked.

For this reason, it is better for organizations to conduct trainings every now and then, so their employees are aware of the changing trends crucial to enhancing the cyber security of an organization.

Now coming to the part where we’d suggest you keep yourself ready for the worst. Security breaches are nonetheless sneaky and if one does occur you must have a sound plan ready to take it down immediately. Many organizations make themselves stronger at preventing a security breach so much so that they forget to formulate a contingency plan for such unforeseen situations.

Having a plan ready for when there’s a security breach allows the data to meet with minimum possible damage. Doing so, prepares the organization for likely damages and educates the employees regarding the solutions that may help minimize the magnitude of such a damage.


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