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Trending Project Management Software Tools for Tech Startups

Project management software expansion is going to change tech startups.

The new decade will bring inevitable changes in the tech industry – which will profoundly affect tech startups. We can agree that the organization of your workflow is the first thing on the to-do list of priorities.

Tech Startups

As the main problem is scaling and organization, which will lead to a successful business in the future, Startup owners should follow trends.

To create a successful strategy, you need to incorporate: opportunity assessment, initiating, planning, executing and controlling, and project closing.

Automation of processes is the new king in the Startup world!

One of the most crucial things is to have an overview of all your projects, all the time.

In Tech Startups, the primary goal is product development. To create a strategic point of view, including customer data and market research, and find an opportunity to grow your business and place it on the market.

For the best overview, you need to follow up on trends in project management. But it can be challenging in the vast sea of project management tools.

So, we did a little research to find out what those trends are.

There are several trending project management tools you must consider if you want to survive as a Tech Startup owner.

We will give you a quick brief of what you need to pay attention to.

All-in-one progress overview for Tech Startups

Considering that sight is our primal sense, to create the best project overview, we need to visualize progress to keep up with workflow easily.

A great example is Nifty, creating a simplified overview of all your work progress through Project overview, Milestone overview, and Team overview. Keep all project insight under a single platform.

All your project progress at one sight!

Running a Tech Startup, you don’t want to get stuck in all those tasks, timelines, and deadlines.

Consider switching to a simplified project management overview.

1. Customizable workflow management

Another thing that is highly trending is workflow customization. Due to the individual needs of the fast-evolving tech industry and daily demanding tasks.

Customizable tasks board will give you the freedom to create a unique work environment suitable for your specific needs. You can automate processes easily by getting alerted on the due date, important notifications, time management, or anything else you choose to monitor.

Customization makes it easy to map out all processes as visual charts, just by drag-and-drop tasks, and creating a highly productive workflow.

2. Budget Management

Studies have shown that #1 reason why Tech Startups do not survive is poor budget management.

To have better control of your income and expenses, use advanced project management tools that can give you a broader picture of the budget management.

They recognized this as a high-risk pain point of young Startups. They have spent a considerable amount of time on improving this issue.

Increasing awareness of the financial income and outcome your Startup will have a real chance to survive!

3. Reporting and analytics

Collecting data using advanced algorithms and cloud-based servers is an almost perfected process. We have tools that will track any behavior we choose.

But the problem appears when you need to analyze an incredible amount of information and make decisions according to them.

There are a few types of reports that are the most important to follow.

Project management tools, such are:

  • Project Overview reports

Instant overview of detailed reports on project timelines, milestones, and task priority.

  • Project Activity reports

All activities of projects, finished tasks, in progress, or canceled and have a real-time overview of project progress.

  • Projects Workload reports

Show resource usage, including ga tasks and cost usage. Analyze resources for a specific date range.

  • Project Baseline reports

Create a point of reference, which will be a baseline for all project tasks, and see which is underperforming.

The point is to learn how to maximize the power of results. And learn how to interpret them in a clear, concise way. On which later you can create a strategic point of view.

4. Document management

We can say that indirectly project performance can be measured by produced and shared documents.

Document archive keeps track of active, closed, or in-progress tasks, and can serve as a reference point for future projects.

Keep your documents well organized and transparent. To be able to achieve that, project management tools advanced in that area to optimize your workflow most efficiently.

A paperless office is something you need to aim to achieve in your Tech Startup.

Well organized, cloud-based document management is a trend you need to keep an eye on.

5. Collaboration

Team collaboration is a well-known fact as a productivity foundation point.

Communication among employees and transparent workflow getting more and more in the focus of project management tools expansion.

Keep in mind that email is an outdated technology.

They are continually improving various ways to upgrade communication workflow.

Slack was a turning point for this type of tool and opened a market for expansion.

To sum up

As we said before, to keep your product innovation and appealing for users, you need to have all the information and know tools to analyze it.

The tech industry is in significant expansion.

Things are changing daily, and to follow up with the competition, be first to switch to better-optimized tools.

One way or another, project management is a dynamic process, and especially for tech startups.

These trends are just a drop in the sea of project management tools, but this is an essential topic our research showed.

Keep in mind that to grow a successful Tech Startup, you need to be aware of constant changes in the global market. And be careful, especially with the competition.

In the end, if you can’t dominate in your field of expertise. Try to be a leader among the most innovative approach to business development.

Focus on your product and the user – using advantage of the advanced project management tools.

What do you see as the most dominant trend in project management software?

Please leave a comment, and we hope to hear some opinions from another perspective.

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