Error 7929

How to resolve SQL Server Error 7929?

Have you encountered SQL Server Error 7929 while working with SQL Database? If Yes, then you might be looking for a solution to solve SQL Database Error 7929. Here you will find all the answers to your questions.

Error 7929

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the best software for handling relational databases. It is mainly used as required by other applications for the purpose of storing and retrieving data. SQL Server can be used with GUI or Command-based software in both media. In addition to world-class technology, SQL Server is also damaged due to server damage or corruption. As a result, the user can access the data that is stored in it. It leads to SQL Error 7929 when the SQL database becomes severely affected.

Reasons behind an Error 7929 in SQL Database

If the SQL Server is crashed as a result of any hardware or software malfunction when conducting a transaction, then the transaction will not be complete and may send you an error next time, or the table will remain that situation, the DBCC CHECKDB command should be used to check the database’s health and see the outcome. If the transaction could not be done by the server and the transaction is delayed, an error will occur:

Msg 7929, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

Check Statement aborted. Database contains deferred transactions

SQL Server 7929 error code occurs due to deferred transactions. Now, a question arises what is exactly a deferred transaction.

What do you mean by Deferred Transaction?

A deferred transaction is a transaction that remains uncommitted after the end of the roll-forward process. It prohibits the return of the transaction. If the transaction can not roll back, it is said that it will be delayed(deferred). Most of the Database transactions postponed in the enterprise edition of SQL Server. While a corrupted transaction causes startup error in other SQL server editions. The main cause of the deferred transaction, an I / O error prevented the transaction from reading a page when the database was rolled forward.

How to move transactions Out of Deferred State?

For resolving SQL error 7929, you have to move transactions out of deferred state. Many steps have been explained below to solve SQL server error 7929:

  • Initially, reboot the SQL Server, if the problem is temporary then it gets automatically solved.
  • If the transaction is postponed due to a filegroup offline. The filegroup must be restored to an active or online state. You will need to use the command below to do this:

RESTORE DATABASE database_name FILEGROUP=<filegroup_name>

  • Restore the database by an online backup. If there is any pending transaction, it will be resolved automatically by restoring the file. If some corrupt pages caused the deferred transactions then an online restore could solve the error.
  • Next, if the filegroup becomes offline and allows the delayed transaction, then defunct the offline group. The transactions connected to this filegroup that causes the deferred transaction to be automatically resolved when the filegroups defunct.
  • If transaction becomes deferred due to the bad page in the database and there is no availability for online backup then follow the given steps:

         Set the database status>>emergency mode by using the following command:


After setting the mode of the database to emergency mode the try to repair the database using the command DBCC REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS option in one of the following DBCC statements: DBCC CHECKDB, DBCC CHECKALLOC, or DBCC CHECKTABLE.

So, these are the manual solutions for solving the SQL server 7929 error code. Follow these measures one by one and get the desired output.

Important points to remember when using Manual Solution

1. If you defunct the offline file group then it cannot be recovered again.
2. When you try to repair the database using the above mentioned commands. The commands deallocate all the corrupt pages from the database to bring back the database into the consistent state. However, in trying such results may result into loss of crucial data. Therefore its is recommended that this approach must be used as last option to fix SQL Server database error 7929.

Sometimes, a new error occurs in Database i.e. Microsoft SQL Server error code 926 that leads to the inconsistent state of the SQL database and affects its file structure. So, if you are facing such issues then for more information, you can take help from to fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 926.

Final Words

SQL server error 7929 faced by many users, so we explained the reasons behind this error with all the measures to solve it. You can also resolve error 926 of the SQL server by reading this blog. Hopefully, you will find the appropriate solution through this blog.

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