Top 6 Survival Tips Against Google’s Penguin Update

Since a year, Google Panda update has been hated by the webmasters. The Google Penguin update is the recent Google algorithm update that has happened a few days back. Similar to all the other updates, this also has a long list of high-ranking websites affected, and 3% of search engine results are also affected by […]


Beginners Guide to Effective SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an imperative aspect of digital marketing in today’s world. With more and more people trusting the Internet as their source of news and information, website visibility on a search engine is increasingly significant. Having a website that is viewed by more people will separate your company from the rest. Through […]


Top Joomla SEO Tips Which You Must Enable on Your Website

See optimization services are costly and it can cost a lot depending on the service and the professional you choose. However, when you have some basic knowledge, you can easily handle this on your own. These are certain things which you can do for your website to make it user-friendly. Since digital marketing is becoming […]

Keyword Research Tools

3 Free Keyword Research Tools You Should Start Using Today!

Keywords are always considered a vital element in Digital Marketing. Keyword research process has changed the whole scenario since last few years. Though, there are still many free versions of keyword research tools out there. Google’s free keyword planner tool has always been top in everyone’s mind. As a part of Digital marketing process, keyword […]

White Hat

The Latest Ethical White Hat Hacking Techniques for 2017

It is a well-established fact in today’s time that White hat and hacking techniques are now considered a basic requirement by all organizations. The reason is simple – it is absolutely essential to secure data and information that a company holds about itself, its stakeholders and its end-users. As the field is relatively new, there […]