New Android Apps

Best 5 New Android Apps of 2017

Android is home to millions of apps that have variety of usage, some for productivity, some for entertainment while some for a particular usage. Everyday thousands of apps get added to the play store and there is high chance that you don’t get to know about them all. You may spot a few in the […]

Important Apps for your Android Phones

Infographic: Important Apps for your Android Phones

Android is the leading Smartphone OS (Operating System) around the world. Smart Phone market is kept on increasing with fight between iOS and Android. It is also very hot topic in current generation though Android and iOS both is winner in some situations but numbers of Android phone users are more than iOS phone users […]

Android Developer

Important Things That an Android Developer Should Consider For Android Apps Development

Android is one of the most popular and successful operating system and enjoys a major share in the smartphone industry. It has got an array of features in it which greatly enhances the user experience of smartphone users. Android devices are being sold like hot selling products and are providing stiff competition to the iPhones. […]


Android: Top 5 Security Apps

Your Android-powered device contains useful data that may attract cyber criminals and thieves. That’s why it’s advisable to download and install one of the most reliable security apps on your tablet/phone as soon as you unwrap the package containing your brand new gadget. 🙂 Below I’ve made up a compilation of the most popular Android […]