5 Changes to Expect When You Move Your Business to the Cloud

Technology is developing faster than ever before. And while trends come and go, some developments are certainly here for the long haul. Tech-savvy business (es) have been onboard the cloud computing bandwagon for a while now, proving that traditional ways of storing and distributing data will soon become antiquated.   When you implement cloud computing, — Read More —


Cloud Computing’s Compliance Hazards

Compliance has often been referred to as the ‘ugly face’ of cloud computing. Individuals and organizations seek 100% compliance when it comes to intra or inter-country norms and regulatory practices. But cloud service providers often treat this as an uncalled-for luxury and keep it far below in the pecking order. Presence of uncompromising compliance standards — Read More —

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5 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Is A Good Option For SMBs

Cloud computing has to come to the aid of all tech newbies who now have a viable alternative to getting their hands dirty in the nascent stages of their organization. The market is no longer orthodox and with the advent of seamless technology, entrepreneurs now have the capacity to rise to not only the national — Read More —

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Why You Should Embrace The “Cloud”

“Cloud computing” might be a hot buzz-phrase in the tech world, but the technology itself is no flavor-of-the-week flash in the pan. As mobile devices become smaller and more portable, the physical space allocated for storage continues to shrink. These size constraints in turn raise the demand for reliable remote cloud storage solutions. Whether you’re — Read More —