Load Balancing

How to Optimize Your Cybersecurity and Monitoring Tools Using Load Balancing?

Load balancing (LB) is the efficient distribution of incoming traffic among a pool of servers to improve application responsiveness. It optimizes your application availability by routing the high volume of concurrent client requests across servers. Hence, it utilizes optimum server capacity to ensure your website has high service availability and reliability. Moreover, load balancing is — Read More —

Cybersecurity Trends

10 Emerging Cybersecurity Trends To Watch In 2021

With the evolve of internet world around the globe, all companies, big and medium, global corporations, groups, or even government agencies are concentrating on computer-controlled monitoring and managing their daily operations activities, attempting to make cybersecurity a top priority to safeguard data from multiple cyber predators or illegal users. As news of data breaches, malicious — Read More —