Mobile App

7 Steps to Launching Your Business with a Mobile App

Mobile users are growing aggressively in numbers, and there are signs that it will not stop any time. Since everything’s online and it’s cheap and convenient, people will choose to use mobile devices. In the data collected by StatCounter, most internet traffic came from mobile users, with 50.48%. Meanwhile, desktop users account for 46.1%. Tablet users — Read More —

App Optimized

How to Keep Your App Optimized in 2019

Mobile applications are more intertwined in our lives than ever before. They do everything from entertain us, keep up organized, provide us information and so much more. There are millions and millions of apps out there that are downloaded billions of times every year. This is good new for consumers, but for companies and developers, — Read More —


Dominating Mobile App Development Trends 2019

Nowadays Mobile Applications are already set parameters of user’s growth and that’s true. The accuracy of applications is additionally fortified with this year’s marking a decade of existence of iOS and Google Play stores. Developing mobile app to an unavoidable part of our lives. This year’s research reports say that the growth of mobile applications — Read More —

Developing Mobile App

Top Hidden Costs of Developing a Mobile App

Developing a mobile app demands efforts and bucks. Here are some hidden costs for mobile app development that carries out different functionalities in a business. From the look of things, mobile apps could definitely be the next big thing in the corporate world for the next decade, to say the least. But, why? Why are — Read More —