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6 Tips for Using Video Marketing on Facebook

There are so many reasons why video marketing is a great means of promoting your business on Facebook. In fact, over 76 percent of all Facebook users from the US claim that this is their favorite network for discovering videos. In other words, while images, gifs and statuses still play a vital role on this […]

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4 Tips For Creating Enticing Videos

Enticing views are few and far between in the online world. Solid video creators seem to be a dying breed because most marketers fear adding their personality to the video. Patiently work on adding flavor to your offering, observe the top video creators, use search engine optimization and look into the camera to make a […]

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7 Reasons Why Video Is Best Marketing Tool For Ecommerce Business

The human brain can be complex, but even though it can be complex to understand, it is simple to stimulate. People are easily entertained because they rely on their senses, so when it comes to eCommerce, it only makes sense that videos would come out on the top as one of the best marketing tools. […]


Video Marketing: How and Why to do it

Video is really big on the internet. YouTube is the number three in terms of traffic (after Facebook and Google) and there are millions of hours’ worth of video being watched daily. I like using video as a marketer for a few reasons and I hope that after reading this (or watching the video below) […]