Technology Trends Expected to Be Major Players in 2018

Technology all over the world is evolving at a tremendous rate and have a major impact on our lives. These shifts in technology are the result of the innovation and advancements that are taking place all over the world. Be it, education, healthcare, business or anything. You name it! Technology is on an upgrading spree […]

HEIC Converter

Joyoshare HEIC Converter for Windows Review – The Most Powerful HEIC Converting Tool for iOS11

Apple has had big influence on boosting current society’s technology development. What is certain is that there is always a heated debate on what new functions the latest iDevice version adds. One of the hottest topics with high concern is HEIC, which makes extraordinary breakthrough of today’s digital life. However, on the other hand, it […]

Dead Hard Drive

How to Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive?

Hard drive, a paperback book size unit is most integral part of a computer. This unit is designed especially for the saving digital data.  If you have to define it in a single line, then it would be it is a heart of the computer. Meticulously designed, this data storage house is available in different […]

Live Chat Solutions

Why All Web Entrepreneurs Should Embrace Live Chat Solutions in 2018?

Last updated: December 20th, 2017Regardless of business type or model, customer service is a keystone to the long-term success of any business. When it comes to web-based businesses, customer service and support is even more important due to the lack of human-to-human interactions that a conventional brick and mortar business would have. A website can […]

HTML Conversion

Important Benefits of Using PSD to HTML Conversion with Bootstrap

The good practices in web development are evolving and improving constantly, and PSD to HTML conversion is the most preferred and favored way of modern website creation. Still, enhancement is always welcomed and this time it comes with Bootstrap. Introduction to PSD to HTML and Bootstrap PSD to HTML conversion is the process in which […]