Turn Your desktop Into WiFi Hotspot

How to Turn your Laptop into Wi-Fi Hotspot

Everyone wants to use Wi-Fi and share it with others when needed, and it’s really possible with your Windows 1o PC. This happened to me when I was with my friends on vacation in an unreachable Wi-Fi place so I could do it simply and get rid out of Wi-Fi internet problems, you can share it with your friends or others anywhere, anytime and let others use Wi-Fi too and keep them happy.

Turn Your desktop Into WiFi Hotspot

That’s pretty simple but needs to enter the command or the steps to do. No worries, this time also we’ve covered it for you which will be successfully done. This is one of my favorite topic I would like to share, so by getting this I hope you will share it with your friends too like Ad-hoc, so let’s get started.

Turn Your Windows 10 PC into Wi-Fi Hotspot Using Command-Line

There are different ways and methods to do means with third party Software’s or without, here we will take a look at turning on Wi-Fi Hotspot without any software means by command-line & Control Panel.

Before getting started, make sure to turn off your Windows Wi-Fi before starting Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Note: You can also use these commands in Windows PowerShell as you can see in the images given below.

1.) Open Command Prompt as admin and then type the following command:

Press (Windows + R), it will open the Run dialog box, type cmd in it and then press Enter, by doing this Command Prompt will gets open.

2.) Now type the following command and note to set the SSID and password clearly like the password should have at least one capital letter and one number.

[netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=”Tactig” key=Pass123!]


The above command will set to allow the hosted network.

3.) Now it’s ready to start broadcasting.

[netsh wlan start hostednetwork]


The execution of above comment will start the hosted network.

Turn Your Windows 10 PC into Wi-Fi Hotspot with Control Panel

1.) Open Run type Ncpa.cpl and hit enter to open Network Connections.


2.) Now right click on Wi-Fi adapter and click Properties.


3.) Here you’ve to select sharing option then mark the both Internet sharing options and select the private connection you want to share.


Ok, after the Wi-Fi hotspot started you can set the SSID and Password from Network & Sharing center.

Turn Off Windows Wi-Fi Hotspot

To turn off the Wi-Fi hosted, just put the following command into Command Prompt and hit enter.

[netsh wlan stop hostednetwork]


The above command will stop  the hosted network.

Now please take a look below for all the Commands once again.


Okay, that’s it. So, this was all about that how you can turn your Laptop into Wi-Fi Hotspot and I would like to recommend you all to use the above given steps properly and make your laptop into a good and reliable Wi-Fi hotspot. If you have any questions regarding this, you can ask me by putting your comments below in comment area.

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