iOS Games

Visually Stunning iOS games you should have your hands on in 2019

Graphically immersive, fully fleshed out games that can be really hard to find on the iOS App Store. We are talking about games that someone would see on gaming consoles for instance. Many users around the world think that iOS is the best platform when it comes to mobile gaming whether that true or not is a separate debate. But iOS games included in the flowing list would make it seem like that.

iOS Games

Have in mind that this list is not primarily focusing on console graphics but instead games that offer plenty of content, engaging stories and overall top notch game play. Also note that well-known games like Fortnite, PUBG or Vainglory are not here. So without further delay, let’s have a look.

Call of Duty Mobile

This came out in the last quarter of 2019, Call of Duty Mobile is a free to play experience. Player can jump into heaps of multi-player modes featuring iconic maps like Nuketown and Crash. Weapons and characters from across the series are included like the Black-Ops and the Modern Warfare Series.

This game has been optimized for mobile in mind, designed to deliver controller support, a steady frame rate and it brought decent graphics replicating other COD titles.

Life is Strange

In this adventure experience, player will be immersed in the story of Max. A photography student who discovers the ability to turn back time in order to get past obstacles and change her choices. This one of the best story adventure iOS games available on the App Store.

It includes a five-part episodic story, features story-based choices, their consequences, an amazing indie soundtrack and great hand-painted visuals. This games supported across all iOS devices ranging back to the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2. The first episode is free but the user has to buy all the remaining episodes to complete game.


Inside, where to even begin with this intense experience? This game is an emotional roller-coaster and it feel like a metaphor for life itself. Basically Inside is a side-scrolling adventure game that offer action mixed with clever puzzle designs.

Payers can find a really in depth story here that actually lasts quite a few hours. The game can be both uplifting at time and also incredibly gloomy.

The game includes controller support, great atmospheric visuals, amazing sound design and a fluid gameplay.

Monster Hunter Stories

This game was originally released on the Nintento 3DS and arrived on iOS devices in 2018.  The game features an open world adventure that has been fully redeveloped for the iOS. Thus it includes new high resolution motion graphics, an improved user interface and a new auto-save feature.

Since this is an open world game there is tons to explore and the world is filled with large monsters roaming around. The user can also recruit these monsters or fight with them in solo or network battles. Well, it may be quite an expensive game but you only have to pay for it once.


This is the best greatest strategy game ever released for the iOS. Initially this game was only available for the iPad but is now available across all iPhone devices. It is developed by a Custom iOS App Development Company called Feral Interactive, a video game publisher for macOS, iOS, Android, Switch and Linux platforms.

In our opinion, porting Tropico to iOS is quite an accomplishment, as Feral have transformed this huge strategy game to fit on all small iOS devices as well. Having an intuitive tough interface and gameplay mechanics allows the user to manage roads, buildings and people. One can play a visionary leader and play in the games of politics.

Though you do have to buy this game, but you have to do it once for a full gameplay experience.

The Witness

This is a gorgeous first-person puzzle solving game. Most of the gamers first experienced this game on the PS4 as it has a lot of content for this reason iPhone users were happy that it came out on the iOS as well. There is an insane amount of exploration and puzzle solving here some people would not like it unless one loves a challenge.

On top of that it is addictive, beautifully made, peaceful and well optimized for the iOS. The game supports controllers and it is recommended to play this game with one because playing with your hands can be somewhat challenging but once you get the hang of it this game proves to be a lot of fun.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

Here is the best sports game available on the App Store and it’s free. Users can choose their favorite teams and players and step on the court in five-vs-five matches. One can clearly experience console quality graphics and gameplay here.

NBA 2K offers controller support, advanced graphical features such as 60 frames per second, seamless motion match making and inverse kinematics. Even the fans in the background are individually rendered, small details can be observed on player’s bodies and we also have anti-aliasing, HDR bloom and depth of field options as well.

What do you think are the best iOS games?

Games are subjective, and I want to know what you think! Leave a comment below and tell me what iOS games you think are the best of the best.