Google Bans Adult Content From Glass, But Porn Always Finds A Way

Porn has long been one of the leading content sectors of the Internet. Yet, it is getting shut out from the latest cutting-edge mobile device coming down the pike, Google Glass. Just as the first porn app for Google Glass appears, Google bans adult content from its digital eye ware. Google updated its developer policies [Read More]


5 Socially Unacceptable Things You’re Going To Do With Google Glass

The nerds are so excited. Our Internet-augmented, face-computer-wearing future is just over the horizon. Leading us there will be Google Glass, the first iteration of this particular sort of wearable, semi-immersive computing experience. If the product is successful, it will merely be the beginning. The anticipation is understandable. If having Internet-connected computers in our pockets [Read More]


Software: DeskScapes, Animate Your Desktop Wallpaper

DeskScapes™ gives you the ability to customize your laptop or PC wallpapers and screensavers with pictures and video to make visually gorgeous results. It includes all new graphical user interface and support for Windows® 8, DeskScapes makes it simple to use special effects to any wallpaper with simply just a few clicks. DeskScapes provides you [Read More]