Infographic: Benefits of Using Animations to Market Your Business

Video continues to reign supreme in terms of online content. Regardless of your interests, there’s sure to be a video and more than likely a rabbit hole of content you can dive into on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo and many other sites. Not only does video have serious value as a way to communicate — Read More —

Mobile Marketing

Infographic: 8 Mobile Marketing Statistics That Prove Mobile Matters

A few years from now the use of mobile marketing by the inbound marketers has been increased. The people using smartphones can get information about your business by several measures taken by you which are included in mobile marketing. If you are unable to make a good and successful mobile marketing strategy then it will — Read More —

Internet Safety

Infographic: Top 3 Internet Safety Rules to Set for Your Child

Most companies are now spending a lot of money, creating cool kid’s toys and gadgets. These include; mobile phones, laptops, and iPads that enable kids to access the internet. Since children and the internet are almost inseparable, it’s imperative to set up internet safety rules to govern your child. Internet Safety Rules Check out some — Read More —

Data Breach

Infographic: 4 Impacts of a Data Breach on Your Business

Imagine you’ve been working for hours, you’re sleep-deprived, and you need coffee to continue working. You go get a cup of coffee and come back. Oops! You just had a security data breach. Yes, that’s how little time it takes for someone to breach your data. In fact, 93% of successful data breaches occur in less — Read More —


Infographic: Blockchain In Mobile Application Market

The concept of Blockchain was first discussed in the year 2008 October, to use it in developing Bitcoins, with the motive to serve as a platform by P2P money transactions without the intervention of banks. Bitcoin became an answer to the most common problem of trust. The blockchain technology gives us the confidence to believe — Read More —