Social Media
Social Media

How to Prepare a Website to Generate More Traffic from Social Media

Social media campaigns can be amazingly beneficial in terms of traffic and potential customers they could send your way. However, attracting all this attention before your site is fully ready to absorb it and cater to it could have a disastrous effect on your reputation. Therefore, just as if you would not premier a play […]

Social Media Branding
Social Media

The Link between Public Recognition and Social Media Branding

There is a massive difference between brand recognition and brand awareness. Sure, brand awareness definitely has a higher value status than mere brand recognition, however, awareness is impossible to achieve without first passing through the recognition stage. Now, there are many different ways for you to achieve this status but one that is commonly used […]

Facebook likes
Social Media

Why buying Facebook likes will not be effective in your Marketing Strategy

Facebook is the most famous social media platform around the world. There are millions of people using it every day. This is one of the best social media platforms through which you can endorse your brands by creating a page and it also helps you in promoting your brand. Businesses make various strategies to get […]

Social Media Provide
Social Media

Social Media in Different fields of Our Daily Lives

Social media is generally known as web 2.0 internet based applications. Social media provide you way to contact with your love ones. Generally, we used to use phone and videos to communicate with each other, but today social media becomes a fast and easy way to communicate. Social media also known as the electric tool […]

YouTube Video
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How YouTube Video Can Help to Leverage One’s Business?

As per the record of MultiVision Digital, it is found that 64% of the customer in today’s world buy a product or avail a service of a company after watching a product or service YouTube video of the company. Thus you can clearly say that a video in today’s world has added the whole dimension […]