Mobile App

7 Steps to Launching Your Business with a Mobile App

Mobile users are growing aggressively in numbers, and there are signs that it will not stop any time. Since everything’s online and it’s cheap and convenient, people will choose to use mobile devices. In the data collected by StatCounter, most internet traffic came from mobile users, with 50.48%. Meanwhile, desktop users account for 46.1%. Tablet users — Read More —

Food Delivery Apps

10 Top Food Delivery Apps of 2020

The food delivery apps develop and make it progressively alluring for smart business leaders. As indicated by the food delivery statistical surveying of Allied Market Research, the market for mobile food delivery apps will hit $16.6B in 2023. The food delivery marketing analysis hints that it was esteemed at about $3.7B in 2017. Around the — Read More —

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold Vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Are They Same?

The foldable phones seemed to be the fantasy for Samsung. The South Korean company strived over their foldable phone and now they will launch the whole new series in 2020. The fantasy turned into reality in 2019, when the first Foldable device by Samsung was launched. It was typically named Samsung Galaxy Fold. At the — Read More —