Top 10 Selfie Smartphones Under Rs 15,000 in India

Last updated: April 5th, 2018The trend of selfie is getting more popular each day; the smartphones companies are offering the best of technology to users for clicking perfect selfies in any condition. The in-built beautification add-ons bring details to make a picture look more vivid. Here’s is a list of best selfie smartphones under Rs […]

Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS – A Few Reasons To Love Android

Android vs iOS is a never-ending debate, but today let me point out a few reasons why I love android over iOS. I am not here to favour one of the two finest mobile operating systems, but to simply highlight the features which makes it so worthy. In my opinion both OS are efficient and […]

Duplicate Files

Review – Duplicate Files Fixer Android App

Remember the last time you did back up your data and it had accumulated lot of identical files on your device. These identical files were not only limited to a similar photo or video files but it was extended with identical music & audio files, duplicate contacts, similar documents and lot more. Here, these identical […]

Android Phone

Top Level Apps that Will make Your Android Phone Smarter

Every Android phone comes shipped with built-in apps. The latest generations offer a wide array of default apps such as email, navigation, photography and even video calling apps. Once you’re set up with a SIM and some mobile data, (link to) you can download extra apps when you want.  Upgrade your smartphone experience by getting […]