How to Manage Events Using Joomla


Joomla is a well-admired content management system used by web developers to easily create and maintain websites. The popularity of the system can be gauged from the huge support it has garnered over the time, that has in turn, led to numerous extensions being added to its library.



Sometimes, it isn’t easy to figure out which is the best and the most suitable extension for a particular purpose. When the purpose is to manage the events in Joomla, developers seem to have a considerable range of options to choose from. Here we list out some event management extensions that can help developers greatly in integrating management of events within Joomla-enabled websites.


This extension lets you manage your events very easily. You can not only manage but also sell your event through this extension. The all-in-one extension provides host of features such as engaging user interface, customs field creation, location assist through navigation services, ticketing facility and multi-language support. This extension also comes with booking features attached to it. Hence, once you have filled in the details of your event you can sit back, relax and let the audience fill in the details through the booking portal.


Ohanah is an end-to-end event management system that can be easily integrated with Joomla. The scores of features available with Ohanah allow developers to easily sync the extension with a Joomla website and ensure smart events management through a single extension. Ohanah boasts of features such as templatizing (easy integration with existing site’s colors, themes and layouts), registration and ticketing facility (custom registration forms, global fields usable across forms, PayPal integration and email programs to keep the event relevant and engaging) and a revamped user experience/interface.


As the name suggests, you can have your agenda put up on your calendar. Also, this calendar can be synchronised with your iPhone or any other iOS calendar. Thus, it makes event management an extremely easy job. This extension will make things very easy for you. The better part about this calendar is that it is available in as many as 23 languages. Therefore, it is an extremely useful extension if you are heavily into managing events through the Joomla system. Using iCagenda, you will be able to accomplish event management tasks in a jiffy.

DP Calendar

The good thing about this is that it can work as a calendar as well as a task manager. You only need to figure out how to use it. DP calendar offers you a host of features like nested and AJAX-powered calendars, jQuery UI theme support, Google map integration, counter module, search plugin, social share buttons and much more. This one has a whole lot of features, add-ons and plugins. You can integrate these add-ons with internal and other popular Joomla extensions such as iCal etc. This makes the DP calendar even more popular.

RS events pro

Like the name suggests, this one lets you RS to events and even lets you create back links for others who might want to RS to your event. This extension is a pretty interesting one and lets you do a whole lot of stuff. It handles all the problems related to event management with complete ease and grace. This is the reason that this extension has soon become a favourite of all the Joomla users who require event management. It also increases your event’s visibility and allows you to share your event on social networks. Moreover, you can interact with other users on the event page.


Just a side note – you can also use alternatives to the extensions, by approaches such as community builder or Jomsocial to manage the events. You need to set the configuration to these extensions to be able to manage your event well. Though, downloading and installing an extension will make things easy for you, using in-built components within Joomla isn’t a bad idea too. However, if you have grown weary of the content management system, then you can go ahead and install a suitable extension which will be able to fulfill the requisite event management tasks for you.

About Author: John Abraham is a Content marketing expert sharing issues, tips, and Joomla solutions through engaging guest posts.He also worked on joomla event registration component .Stumped on where to find eCommerce solutions to maximize conversions? Follow him via Google+ Facebook Twitter

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