5 Easy Steps to Make More Money with Google AdSense

Google AdSense
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AdSense is a program initiated by Google that allows you to run ads on your website and make monetary gains out of it. With Google AdSense, you can showcase relevant ads for your audience based on their interests. You have the liberty to control what ads you want to show on your website. You can also choose the highest paying ads for your website.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start making money with your newly created website or blog which is why it is quite popular these days. AdSense is a great monetization option, but it’s not a make-money-doing-nothing or get-rich-quick program. Further, some bloggers seem to miss the Google rules when reading the terms of service which result, many website owners lost their account forever or have found out the hard way that they’d violated a Google policy

Making Money with Google AdSense

Do you want to maximize your AdSense revenue? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Monetizing your website with Google AdSense is the easiest way to make money online. With enough legwork, you can easily boost your earnings from AdSense.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make more money with Google AdSense using 5 easy steps.

Let’s start…

Step #1 Choose the right kind of Ads for your Website

Google AdSense offers different types of ads that you can place on your website. This includes videos, text, animation, images, rich media and AdSense for search.

Text and image display ads are generally recommended either at the top or bottom of the page.  You can also place ads on the sides of your webpage so that the visitor can see them while reading the articles or scrolling through your website. If you want to promote your website over social media, you can choose to include in-feed ads. These ads appear in-between the news feed of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These ads are organic and are proved to be more engaging. 

No matter what kinds of ads you place, make sure they are responsive. This means that they should change their size and orientation based on the device being used to access your website.

Step #2 Create high-quality Content

If you want more ads to be shown on your website, you need to provide the users with a reason to visit your website again and again. The best way to make this possible is to create unique,  plagiarism-free, well-organized, high-quality content for the website that showcases your niche. The better your content would be, the more would be the AdSense revenue.

Moreover, not only the quality of your content but the frequency of your content publishing also plays a major role in increasing the Google AdSense revenue. If you are creating content on a continuous basis and keeping your site fresh, more and more users would be willing to come to your website. You must check the Webmaster guidelines on how to create high-quality content for your website or blog.

Step #3 Place your Ads wisely

Ad placement also plays an important role in enhancing your AdSense revenues. Moreover, placing ads in the wrong way might lead to penalties or suspension of your Google AdSense account as well. So, make sure to follow only the best practices for ad placement on your website.

  • Content first: Do not suppress your content just to place more ads on your website. Any user comes to your website or blog because they want to read your content. It then seems genuine to see an ad while doing that. But if the user finds less content and more ads on your page, they might simply switch to some other website.
  • Distinctive ads: You need to make sure that users can easily differentiate between an ad and the content of your website. This means, make sure to have different font types, color scheme or look and feel of your ads and your content.
  • Avoid auto-playing ads: When a user comes to your website and a video ad starts playing automatically, it could be quite annoying for them. It would seem as if you are forcing the visitor to watch the ad. It would also distract them from reading your content.
  • Dividing content: Many times, bloggers divide their content into multiple pages, just to showcase more ads on their website. This practice is not much appreciated as it would take more time for the user to read the content.

Step #4 Control how ads appear on mobile devices

Nowadays, most people use mobile devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops. Therefore, it is recommended to create responsive ads for your website. To maximize mobile device user experience, you must access your website from the reader’s perspective and see how you can manage the placement of ads.

Most of the ad partners now provide mobile-friendly ads, yet you must make sure to use responsive ads on your website. This will make sure that your ads are displaying in the best possible manner when the user screen changes dramatically.

Last, but not least, try mobile anchor ads. These ads would simply stick to the bottom of the screen of a mobile device as the user scrolls your website’s content. This way you will be able to showcase ads on your website without annoying the user.

Step #5 Use videos to enhance your AdSense earnings

Video marketing is at its peak these days. People find video-based content more engaging. They prefer watching videos more than reading blogs. According to video marketing statistics 2021 by Wyzowl, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. So, start creating more videos for your website to bring in more visitors. The more visitors, the more AdSense earnings.

You can also use YouTube as a tool to enhance your AdSense earnings. Google AdSense can be easily used on YouTube once you qualify the monetization policies. If you have any doubt, the latest YouTube statistics reveal that this platform has 2.3 billion monthly active users worldwide, it is the second-most popular social media platform and the second-most popular search engine after Google.

Moreover, videos are a great way to explain your product or services to the user. You can use live video options or stories on social media, webinars or YouTube videos like accounting assignment help to create a clear communication channel with your audience. Videos can help enhance your SEO to a great extent.

To Conclude

Using Google AdSense is an interesting and easy way to enhance your website earnings. We hope this article would have made things clearer on how to make money with AdSense.  Use these 5 easy ways and you will see progress.

Choose the right ads for your website, create high-quality content, focus on the placement of your ads, make sure you place responsive ads on your website and lastly, use video-based content. 

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.
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