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Infographic: 8 Mobile Marketing Statistics That Prove Mobile Matters

A few years from now the use of mobile marketing by the inbound marketers has been increased.

The people using smartphones can get information about your business by several measures taken by you which are included in mobile marketing.

If you are unable to make a good and successful mobile marketing strategy then it will be better to do optimization for smartphones.

I will describe about 8 mobile marketing statistics that prove mobile matters.

#1. The people using the smartphone for accessing the internet are 80 % – After a few years there will be an increase in this figure because there are several contracts in which free smartphones will be given to the people by cell phone services. Businesses using the strategy of mobile marketing will be happy after getting this news.

#2. The number of people surfing the net across the globe are more than 4 billion – By using smartphones how much internet traffic can be generated? 5 years ago, around 50 % of people were using smartphones for surfing the net. Now the percentage of people by whom mobile internet is accessed is more than 60 %.

#3. The percentage of B2B buyers who admitted that they used smartphones for buying the items recently is more than 60 % – The B2B commerce is also moving towards the increasing use of smartphones and now it is not limited to general consumers only. Recently for purchasing the items a lot of B2B buyers are influenced by the mobile content and their percentage is more than 60 %.

#4. A few years from now the usage of smartphones by B2B buyers has been increased and their percentage is 70 % – The online movement of several B2B ecommerce has been increased. For the transactions that are complex there is a significant fall in the time required to buy the items. The repurchase rates have increased after the user experienced very good service with a smartphone.

#5. Smartphones are preferred over desktops for opening emails – Nowadays smartphones are used for accessing a very good form of communication known as email. The percentage of people who prefer smartphones over desktops is very high.

#6. Percentage of online transactions using smartphones is more than 40 % – We cannot say that smartphones will be used for limited transactions only. Now it has become common to use smartphones for online transactions.

#7. 91 % of the people using mobile phones are making attempts to buy when a relevant ad is seen by them – On comparing desktops with mobile phones for experiencing online ads it has been found that the conversion rates are higher for ads on smartphones.

#8. The percentage of people using the smartphone for watching media is 69 % – The use of smartphones for consuming media is done by a lot of people. After analysing their behaviour it has been found that they prefer smartphones over other devices.

For more information, please go through the Infographic given by MindDigital.

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