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What the Launch of Facebook Messenger Ads Means for Marketers

In July of 2017, Facebook announced that they were going to start offering Facebook Messenger ads to businesses around the world. For many brands that already advertise on Facebook, this announcement was exciting news because Facebook Messenger ads represent a new way to reach more customers in a platform that offers a different range of […]

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Using Your Instagram Account for Web Design Inspiration

Is your online business struggling? Most likely you are still using your old website despite the fact that the internet marketplace is a fast paced environment. Your website might have served the purpose a few years back but today, you have to keep tweaking the web design to ensure it perfectly blends aesthetics and functionality. […]

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10 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Companies

In today’s world of marketing, social media has become one of the most ideal avenues for marketing but is definitely one of the most confusing as well. But, how can it be both? Well, social media is a rapidly evolving market – which makes it confusing – new social media tools and new social media […]

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Social Media is Everywhere – Improve Your Business with these Steps

Social media has taken the world by the storm. The number of unique Facebook visitors, for example, only in Australia is approximately 15 million souls. The Australian Bureau of Statistics Population Clock records show that there are 24.6 million Australians and, according to Facebook’s recent data, approximately 60% of them are using this social media […]

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4 Steps for Launching Unstoppable Facebook Ads

If you want to increase sales, customer engagement, and attract new consumers to your brand, Facebook advertising is necessary. Considering Facebook is the most popular social media network – 79% of Americans use it each week – it should be easy to create a profitable ad campaign that reaches a wide audience and attracts more […]

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Twitter Marketing Tips for 2017

With the increase of social media networks, more and more people are using social media networks. One of the top social media website is Twitter.com. As of the second quarter of 2017, Twitter has around 328 Million active users. 328 Million Active users mean it’s not a small number. You can get a lot customer […]