Killer SEO Landing Page Tips that Will Enhance Your Website Traffic


When we usually talk about landing pages, most online marketers think of pay-per-click where the input of a destination URL into Google’s paid search offerings allow the marketers to drive keyword-targeted traffic to the optimized web pages. Are you having abandonment issues just because your landing page bounce rate is through the roof? Are you wasting your precious time on ineffective PPC campaigns? Are you tired of your boss’s complaints?



Well, you need not fret as there are some authoritative and definitive landing page optimization techniques through which you can increase your landing page traffic through SEO.

  • Send the visitors to the relevant targeted page: Your homepage is certainly a mish-mash of goal oriented communication and this is usually for a good reason. Keeping that in mind, you should resist the urge of sending people there as it is better targeted at the explorers than the person clicking through from amongst a banner or AdWords link. Think of a single goal, a single message and a single action and hence this leads to a new page that is landing page.
  • Provide a reliable experience: From the advertisements through landing page and to the destination site, design messaging and the tone should be reliable with the expectations of the user that he had at the time they clicked the banner. Your upstream ad is the source and you should be earning traffic from the same source.
  • Don’t beat around the bush: No one likes a babbler and even if we do, we do it for the reason that it’s our friend who is chewing on our ear. When it comes to dealing with online prospects, you have to get right at the point and with no muss and fuss. You will essentially countering your own argument, but on a closer examination, this shows that sometimes you have to provide some instructional introduction to your subject.
  • Focus attention to the concise headlines: Just imagine yourself walking down the road and you give a glance at the newspaper vending marching to notice a big black headline. Only if the headline captures your attention, you will bend to read it or even take out a dollar from your pocket to buy it. If you see a big page and a small type, you won’t even feel like checking it. Therefore, you should always keep the headline of your website page clear and easily noticeable. It should also be in a relevant position on the page.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which you can target highest website traffic, you should immediately take the above mentioned steps.

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