Setting and Achieving Goals

5 Apps that help you with Setting and Achieving Goals

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We live in a modern age where all the information’s are within a hand’s reach and can be obtained in a matter of seconds. Yet, we seem to be more and more incapable of finding our place amongst such enormous data volume and extracting the essential ones that will help us set our goals, let alone achieve them.

Setting and Achieving Goals

This occurrence is nothing new and it has been studied by sociologists and anthropologists for decades now and closely monitored by IT leaders who keep coming up with apps that are very helpful in the matter. These 5 particularly stand out.



This app is in fact a goal-tracker that covers every step of the way until you reach the goals you set out to. First, you establish your core values and then follow S.M.A.R.T criteria to set create tasks or steps that are required in order to achieve your goals. Date-sequenced journal enables and helps you monitor and review your achievements and all activities related to achieving a goal. This app allows you to invite the others to monitor your progress and add comments and give advice to help you reach the finish line. There is also a business version of LifeTick that lets you assign task and monitor individual progress in achieving team goals.

  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free


GoalsonTrack App

This app is one of the most robust ones available when it comes to goals organization and implementation bunch. However, it is well-worth every Mb of the memory it occupies.  It is based on hierarchical planning and thinking, something that has been very beneficial when it comes to goal planning and execution for a great number of users since our brains work in the similar manner. Goal recording, purpose, start and end date, sub-goals and action plans are the essential elements of any goal template the users can create themselves. Lastly, there is an option of syncing due dates with Gmail and Outlook, which often comes in very handy

  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free
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OptimizeMe App

The precondition of setting realistic goals and achieving them is to get your life in order. OptimizeMe is the perfect app for taking control of your life and find answers to a number of powerful coaching questions. This one can also help with high performance coaching. It collects data about you with the aim to provide insights to about your life and help improving it. For example, if sleep deprivation is behind your inability to complete your everyday tasks and the reason why you fall behind in achieving your goals, this app will correlate sleep to other metrics, such as mood and stress, let you see the results and motivate you to take control of your sleep routine.

  • Platforms: iOS
  • Price: Free


Evernote App

If there is one word to be used to describe Evernote in the best possible manner it would be omnipresent. It is available in desktop, Android, Windows Phone and iPhone and is particularly useful for all those people who have a multitude of ideas and benefit from writing them down on-the-go and at the same time have the opportunity to share it with others that may help them turn those ideas into goals and work their way towards achieving them. The users can organize their goals based on area of priority which are easy to access and edit, meaning you will never lose track of required steps that need to be taken.

  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free


Achieving Goals

This app puts achieving goals on a completely different level from all the others on this list. It is based on the premise that the goals are more likely to be achieved if others keep us accountable. In other words, it puts the users in real life situation where failing to achieve a goal costs real money. The users set goals, a time frame to reach it and the amount of money paid in case they did not and where that money goes. A referee, that is a third party, monitors the progress and vouches for the success or failure.

  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free
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Majority of people need extra motivation when it comes to setting and achieving goals. Making goal- setting apps and software integral parts of your digital equipment will make tasks and obligations extremely easier to track and follow. Therefore, if you ever find yourselves in a situation that is more than you can handle alone, any of these 5 apps will surely be of great assistance.

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