Customer Loyalty

Infographic: 6 Ways Social Media Can Help Build Customer Loyalty

Social media is one of the platforms that has brought a lot of opportunities for businesses. If statistics are anything to go by, social networking sites are one the activities that most people partake in on a daily basis. With a user base that amounts to billion and expands across different countries, it is well-reasonable why many companies invest seriously on social media these days.

In the past, traditional marketing medium such as radio, flyers, and signage’s provided companies the first point of interaction with the target market and client base. However, in today’s society that is highly reliant on social media and instant communication, many people turn to their friends and peers to gain information about brands, and their products and services. This leaves business no choice but to adjust their strategy in order to ensure that they will leave a good impression to their target customers.

Improved customer loyalty is one of the biggest advantages that social media can offer if used correctly. To help you achieve that, check out the key takeaways from the infographic below from Business Coaches Sydney which discusses the steps to build customer loyalty using social media.

  1. Listen and Interact with Your Audience. Social listening tools help you identify the current pain points for your clients, allowing you to address them beforehand.
  2. Develop an Engagement Plan. This includes a strategic schedule, engaging content, and rewards system that will allow you to interact with your audience across different social media sites.
  3. Engage with Your Most Active Advocates. Your most active followers can escalate to powerful influencers as long as you provide them meaningful and satisfying online experience.
  4. Offer Benefits and other Rewards. Providing your loyal customers with benefits and rewards redeemable through social media interaction is one of the best ways to promote continued loyalty.
  5. Re-share Your Best Content. Sharing your most shared content on your new followers is a great opportunity to maximize the value of your content while receiving the same level of response from newcomers.
  6. Provide a “Sneak Peek” Inside Your Company. By allowing your audience to see the behind-the-scenes of your business, you’re bringing your business closer to them, thus creating a more personal type of relationship.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of social media in your business, check out the infographic below.

Customer Loyalty