Google Penalty

Learn How you can Avoid your Website from Google Penalty with These Tactics

Google has penalized many websites over the years. Some were genuinely penalized for using black hat SEO techniques, while others didn’t have the slightest idea why they were penalized. Many entrepreneurs have fallen victims of the Google Penalty and have lost their source of revenue.

Google Penalty

How do you stay Away From Google Penalty?

Let’s be real here and admit that there are times you are tempted to follow some shady practices to boost your rankings. You may succeed in full the system for some time but this won’t last. Sooner or later Google catches up with you and the results would be devastating. Google has evolved throughout the years and gone are the days where you could get spammy links or submit spun articles to directories to boost your ranking. You should bear in mind that not all Google penalties are the same and some are more daring than others. Here is a breakdown of Google’s penalties and tactics you can use to avoid them.

1. Not caring much about your content quality

Poor Content

Content is key no doubt and Google uses this as a yardstick to gauge a website’s credibility. Most websites are focusing on quantity, not quality. They will post numerous contents with little or no relevance. Big websites have been warned by Google to improve on its website content quality or risk being penalized. This mainly affects old websites that fail to keep track of previous content which fails to comply with the rule of fresh and quality content. If you are one of these websites, the best thing to revisiting older content to ensure it meets current standards with no broken links. Failure to abide by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines may lead site losing rank fast.

2. Bringing Down Your Competitors for Better Ranking


Site Ranking

If you want to make it on the World Wide Web, you need to maintain good etiquette. This means being honest play fair in a level ground. Some people are willing to go to any length to gain site authority at the expense of their competitors. One way of doing this is bombarding their competitors’ websites with low-quality backlinks to lower down their site rankings. Websites that use this unscrupulous way of trying to eliminate their competition to stay ahead end up being on the receiving end when their schemes backfire on them. One thing you must realize that a lot of resources are put up by Google to improve its systems. This means that that’ll eventually catch up with such websites and they will face the music. Therefore this must be avoided at all costs to ensure your website doesn’t get Google penalty.

3. Cloaking Pages

Cloaking Pages

Cloaking pages of your websites refer to creating two versions of the article, one for search engines and one for a human audience. This is a sort of grey hat SEO technique that is on the verge of turning black. This is mostly used by affiliate marketers to get traffic by fooling SEO bots. If you find a post that ranks for a specific popular keyword with little or no value, then that is, as a result of the cloaking page technique.

4. Relying on Paid Links

Paid Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the ranking factors that Google uses to rank websites. This has forced many websites to resort to an uncouth method of acquiring backlinks such as paying to get backlinks. There are several online courses that emphasize paying for links to rank for specific keywords. As I said, Google has invested so much on ensuring they catch up with these characters and once caught they end up by Google penalty. Although backlinks have lost importance, they are not worth your site. This method may work for a while but you will eventually get caught by Google.

5. You Are Too Lazy to Create Your Own Content

Duplicate Content

Google cares about its clients who are the visitors. And will go to any lengths to protect their interests. They don’t like it when unworthy content manages to slip through the first page. If someone happens to find these lousy websites, Google will lose its credibility and visitors may shift to other search engines like Bing for better search results. This is the reason why Google is very strict on spun content or duplicate content that are irrelevant to the reader. Although many webmasters take shortcuts but paying peanuts for poorly written content, they may not get far as Google will catch up with them and they will be heavily penalized.


There are plenty of white hat SEO techniques that can help you improve your website ranking. You should stick to these methods to make your site rank better. If you decide to use black hat SEO to stay ahead of your competition, the whole thing may come crumbling down on you and the results may be devastating. In the worst-case scenario, you may end up losing your URL and there is nothing as painful as this to a webmaster. Your website design also matters if it’s not user friendly you may be penalized by Google.